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Planting the Seeds of Values-led Education everywhere in 2017


One figure can tell a whole story: One million people tell global leaders a good education is the key to better life and a better world

This figure surely is a compelling illustration of education’s direct impact on human well-being, from better health to increased wealth.

What do you think would make the world a better place? This is the question that almost 1.5million people across the globe have answered - and top of their list is a good education.

A good education has racked up the magic one million votes in the MyWorld2015 survey, putting it ahead of better health care and job opportunities.

For girls under the age of 16, it is even more important - 77% of them voted for it as a key factor in a better world.

MyWorld2015 is a global survey led by the United Nations and partners, in which global citizens can share their views with the world's leaders and help to set the development agenda.

The questionnaire asks people to choose their six most important issues from a list of 16, which cover the Millennium Development Goals plus questions of sustainability, security, governance and transparency.

The result of this global survey should not be surprising. The desire for education and the need to have access to a good education is simple to understand:


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