Notre Dame where France has kept and treasured its stories of heroism, symbolism, loss and hope 

'Cosmic wheels of colour … the cathedral’s rose windows.'

“Where would [one] find … such magnificence and perfection, so high, so large, so strong, clothed round about with such a multiple variety of ornaments?” asked John of Jandun, in his 1323 Treatise on the Praises of Paris. Five hundred years later, the gothic revivalist architect Augustus Pugin fainted when he first encountered Notre Dame, so overwhelmed was he by its beauty.’...Notre Dame and the culture it inspired

Like Easter and Spring, Notre Dame is also a Symbol of Hope and Resurrection

Notre-Dame will rise from the ashes thanks to symbols of hope and resurrection and lessons learned from Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral's message to Notre Dame after devastating fire

The Dean of Coventry said images of the blaze reminded him of Coventry Cathedral's own destruction during the Blitz, and more recently of a fire in 2001, which damaged the new Cathedral, but did not destroy it.


Notre Dame on fire and Coventry Cathedral destroyed during the Blitz.

Reverend John Witcombe, Dean of Coventry, said: "Our hearts go out to our sisters and brothers in the cathedral and civic community in Paris.

"To see the roof of your beloved Cathedral brings to mind our own destruction in 1940, in the terrible years of war, and more recently in 2001 we were again threatened with fire, though not with destruction.

"You will feel that your heart has been taken from you, but God still holds your life in his hands, and will give you grace to rebuild, as he did for us.

"For now, though, your grief will be inconsolable and our hearts and our prayers are with you from this city and this community."

The Message of Hope from Coventry Cathedral offers Hope for Restoration and Rebirth of Notre Dame

Coventry’s Message of Hope to the World