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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns on 7 July 2022. Photo: Financial Times

Dear Boris,

September 5th is looming fast and time to say goodbye.

So, you are leaving us. Although, not surprised, nonetheless, I am saddened and disappointed.

I am sad that you failed so spectacularly. You lied through Brexit. You told us Brexit is done. You told us you were going to level up with us, milk and honey for everyone. At the time, I recall, you were predicting a ’ Golden Future’ for our country, a prediction that as we now know well was nothing but a mirage and loads of hot air.

I am sad that things could have been very different. People had given you a landslide victory, an 80 seat majority, to enable you to do good, but you blew it.

And now you are leaving us, you broken and us broken too.

I have much sympathy for you. You must be feeling devastated, given the manner of your departure. You began your premiership like a messiah, the saviour, and then, after only a relatively short period of time, you were forced out, detested, dejected, and humiliated. This must be very painful to you. This must be so depressing.

With all the differences that we have, with all the lies and cheats that you have said and done, nonetheless, I am going to miss you. Over the years you have been funny and comical. As well as all the mayhem that you have caused, you have also entertained and amused the nation! At times we all need to laugh, and you gave us that needed laughter!

A couple of years ago after your near death experience with covid I wrote you an open letter via our website. There I had tried to offer you a possible path on how you might become a different man, a caring prime minister, sympathetic and kind by inviting you to take action in the interest of the common good.

Albeit, that did not happen.  My pleas did not reach you.

Then, you were stabbed in the back by your own so-called ‘Honourable Friends’ in the best tradition of the ‘Nasty Party’.

In conclusion, below, I have noted my original letter that I had posted on our website for your possible interest and perusal: 

Boris Johnson: This is How to Become a Force for Good

Dear Boris,

The time is now for a radical departure from your troubled and at times dishonest past. Please seize this opportunity and try to change peoples’ perception of you and leave them with a worthy legacy. Do things for the common good. Stand side by side with progressive people to build a better, kinder, and a more gentle Britain for the good of all. Carpe Diem!

Goodbye Boris. I wish you well.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Kamran Mofid, Founder, Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI)