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The number 100, made up of black and white photographs of Angela Redgrave, Stella Armour, Colin Bell and Edmund W Gordon

 Clockwise from top: Angela Redgrave, 105; Stella Armour, 103; Colin Bell 101; and Edmund W Gordon, 101.

Composite: Kelly-Ann Bobb, Harry Borden, Chris Buck/The Guardian

‘Keep your eyes open – and leap into the future’: 100 centenarians’ 100 tips for a life well Lived

What’s the secret to making it into triple figures? Never stay stuck in the past, keep a diary … and dance while you still can.

N.B. This is  truly a beautiful, rewarding and inspiring survey, by the Guardian’s Saturday Magazine and published on Saturday 18 February 2023. A document on our humanity, life, and values. It gives simple but profound answers to who we are, why we are and what is the purpose of this journey we call life.Thank you Guardian for initiating this survey and thank you to all those who responded. I hope, somehow, this will be brought to the attention of all the young people the world over. This document is indeed a window on the University of Life.

To me, these are the lessons from the people of a time when it was believed that, given good will, good thoughts and good actions, as well as a certainty of purpose, a better life can be had and in the process the world could be made better. This, I suggest, must become part of the core curriculum at every place of learning. Carpe diem!

Whilst reading this wonderful article, I was reminded of a Blog I had posted on our GCGI website on 27 May 2019. Due to its relevance to the above survey, I wish to highlight and share the gist of it, once again, before moving on in more detail to the said survey.

Three remarkable centenarians inspiring us all

Life can be tough at times. I know that life can knock us into the dirt. But, I also know that life can be joyous, worthwhile and rewarding if we know how! Let us see what our three centenarians can offer us on how to take this journey we call life.

Life Lessons From Three 100-Year-Olds

Inspiring 100 Year Olds Share Life Lessons On Love, Loss And Regret

From left to right: Cliff Crozier (101 years old), John Denerley (102 and a half years old), Emelia Tereza Harper (103 years old)- Photo:allcreated.com

'We asked three unique and lovely centenarians what their most valuable life lessons were, and also their regrets.

‘The conversations that followed were remarkable. They talked about the importance of family, people, relationships and love. Their view on life, as an elderly citizen with a lot of experience is truly an inspiration and motivation. Enjoy the video!: Watch it and enjoy it. Truly remarkable. 

Read the entire posting here: Three remarkable centenarians inspiring us all

And now reverting back to the survey:

 Photo: Saturday Magazine 18 Febryary 2023/via mobilism.org

Read the 100 Pearls of Wisdom from the 100 Centenarians 

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Smoky Sunrise-Yellowstone River Painting by Paul Krapf

Smoky Sunrise-Yellowstone River,  a painting by Paul Krapf/Via fineartamerica