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‘Light makes us flourish – in this respect we humans are just like a rose or an azalea.’

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Today, Sunday March 26, here in the UK, the clocks were put forward by one hour, heralding the start of  British Summer Time (BST), where the days get longer and brighter. For many this is the path to healing, joy and happiness, when we and mother nature begin to wake up from the cold and dark winter months.

‘...exposure to morning light significantly improves alertness and mood. It can reduce chronic pain, boost energy levels and mental performance, and result in better sleep. In the evening, when the sun nears the horizon, the blue light waves are scattered in the atmosphere – and longer, redder light waves reach the surface of the Earth. It is at this time that the master biological clock initiates the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. So, our circadian rhythm aligns our sleep and wakefulness with day and night – creating a healthy cycle of restorative rest that enables increased daytime activity…’ 

Tree of Light by Kole Trent- Trent Art Gallery

‘The most important part of our lives is the spiritual. Why? Well, the most obvious answer is that at their core our lives are spiritual and nothing else…Remember, spiritual is all there actually is; there is nothing that fits the definition of being material. So we can accomplish all we need to accomplish by focusing on the spiritual aspect of life, and again that means quite simply putting our attention and focus on the Light.

‘Remember, the Light is a creative force, and healthy, harmonious things, circumstances, and conditions are its natural outcome. Remember, the Light is always endeavoring to create balance, symmetry, peace, harmony, and wellbeing in everything, in everyone, and everywhere. So in short, ultimately the Light is the solution to all our problems. Ultimately the Light is the answer to all our questions. Ultimately the Light will heal all that needs to be healed in our lives. And just how do we more fully access the Light so that we might more fully enjoy its many benefits? We ground ourselves in the Light. Again, we put more of our attention and focus on the Light, and by doing so we come more fully into reality, and are less in illusion.’

Whatever the politics, economics or the science of these annual time changes (the other one is in October when the time goes one hour backward), to my mind, there is at least one good reason for the change in March. That is, hopefully, more people will start to appreciate the gift of LIGHT and the beauty and wonders of DAWN. 

So, first, I wish to invite you to have a look at the link below:

World in Chaos and Despair: The Healing Power of the Dawn

Photo: How to Make the Most of Your Day: Wake up With the Sun

And now, to complement the above, please see the article below: 

‘Why you should make the most of the extra daylight when the clocks change.’

‘Daylight helps to regulate hormones and the immune system. It’s good for sleep and can help with depression. So be glad of the extra daylight when the clocks go forward.’

Why you should make the most of the extra daylight when the clocks change 

And finally, in a few days time it will be April, when after a long, hard winter, the sights, sounds and scents of spring will come as a welcome relief for many of us, when we enjoy lighter and warmer days to come. Please see the link below on the wonders, the beauty and the hopeful message of April:

Springing back in April with a Renewed Sense of Hope and Optimism 

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