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"Bankers drowning in money. Out of touch politicians. Unaccountable quangocrats. Not for generations have those who run Britain been so far removed from the common man"

The empty space at the center of the so-called "British" democracy is defined ultimately by its failed political institutions. At the highest level of politics, there is no one who now reliably speaks for the people, no one who listens patiently to their concerns or teaches them the hard facts involved in governing decisions. There is no major institution committed to mobilizing the power of citizens concerning their own interests and aspirations. Wherever you look, wherever you go, its all about short-term profit maximisation, cost minimisation, privatisation, deregulation, self-regulation, greed is good, who gets the best and the most bonuses, regardless of the outcome or the results, and more.

No respect and no regard for the greater good,the common good. Full speed exploitation of people, resources and the environment. The land, the people, their dreams and aspirations, have all been hijacked by a small group of out of touch, self-interested, greedy elites. Profits, the benefits, all privatised, whilst the costs have all been socialised. Perhaps you think I have gone too far in my criticism. But, the same is being said, by many others, including Ferdinand Mount, who is not only a baronet and Old Etonian himself, but he also ran the Number 10 Policy Unit under Margaret Thatcher and then headed the Right-wing Centre For Policy Studies.

In a provocative and very telling new book, The New Few Or A Very British Oligarchy, Mount has shown how Britain has been retreating to the worst excesses of its past, when a handful of corrupt oligarchs dominated the lives of millions, with no accountability and transparency.

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