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On behalf of the Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI), the School of Economic Science and the Local Organising Committee, it is a great pleasure and an honour to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the 10th Annual GCGI International Conference to be held September 2 through September 5, 2012 at  Waterperry House, Waterperry Gardens, Oxford.

At the time of continuing and deepening global crises, the rise in debilitating hopelessness, despair, fear and anxiety, we need to come together in spirit of sharing, giving and caring, to hear the voices of wisdom, hope and commitment to the common good. We should search with an open mind for the wisdom we need to transform our economic system to a sustainable path, grounded in ecological reality, with respect for justice and dignity for all, and our appreciation for nature and our kinship for all living things.

Building a new economics system will demand challenging and novel ways of thinking, perspectives that encompass the broad swath of human experience and wisdom, from the natural sciences and all the social sciences, to the philosophical and spiritual values of the world’s major religions and of indigenous peoples as well. The task before us is a daunting one, and wisdom in how to proceed will come from a multiple of sources, and must embrace the panorama of cultural and disciplinary perspectives.

During 2-5 September 2012 an international community of scholars, researchers, religious and spiritual leaders, experts, activists, students and the youth, will come together for the 2012 GCGI Annual Conference- ten years on from the first conference held in Oxford in 2002; forging links and deepening the continuing dialogues across national, cultural, religious, and academic boundaries, and putting into practice the movement’s core vision: a vision that positions the quest for economic and social justice, peace and ecological sustainability within the framework of a spiritual consciousness and a practice of open-heartedness, generosity and caring for others; building spiritual bonds that can unite humanity and bring different cultures, civilisations and faiths closer together for the good of all.

It goes without saying that all of us associated with the organisation of the conference will be delighted if you consider taking part in this debate, dialogue and conversation.

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