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In my journey and search for wisdom, I have been extremely blessed with finding some wonderful friends, friends that have inspired me and have made me a happier, and I hope, a better person. I thank them all for who I am and what I do. One of those friends is Anthony Werner, Editor-in-Chief, Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers (SWP), London.

Whilst at Plater College in Oxford in the early 2000s, studying for a diploma in pastoral theology, in my quest and search for life’s bigger picture, I happened to see an advertisement for one of SWP’s titles, The Natural Economy in The Tablet. Anthony had quoted a remarkable statement from the book:

‘A true grasp of how the economy should be constituted shows it to be a thing of harmony and beauty, all its parts cooperating for the common good, and its inbuilt laws distributing benefits equitably.’

This must have struck a chord with me, because I immediately ordered a copy. Having read it, I ordered two or three more titles publish by (SWP) and then, some months later I went to London to see Anthony in person. I opened my heart to him. I told Anthony that, despite having taught economics for over twenty years, I was unaware that such a body of knowledge existed.

We chatted and chatted for a long time. I left his office a different man and a different economist. I then sent Anthony a manuscript, the fruit of my new thinking about economics. Anthony published it in 2002 as Globalisation for the Common Good.

Anthony then published other titles by me, including: Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalisation for the Common Good (2003), Promoting the Common Good (with Rev. Dr. Marcus Braybrooke, 2005), and A non-Violent Path to Conflict Resolution and Peace Building (Co-authored, 2008).

Over the years I have hugely benefited from Anthony’s wisdom, insight and friendship. He has truly been a source of inspiration to me. I am also delighted that he is a GCGI Senior Ambassador and is one our GCGI Board of Advisors.

It is with pleasure and honour that I recommend Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers, a publisher with purpose.Ethical Economics » Shepheard-Walwyn Book Publishers

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