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A Tribute to the Healing Power of Music: A Music Gala Organised by Prof. Kamran Mofid in Celebration

of the First GCGI Conference, Plater College, Oxford, 2002

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I found reasons for joy, happiness, and hope for a better world even amid the bleakness of the world that we have created

“Music is manna for the soul, and nectar for the spirit."

‘The health of the physical body is inextricably tied to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. Music is a powerful catalyst for healing because it touches the very core of humanity... our souls. With music, we can remember our connection to the Creator and the powerful Healer within. We can take control of our health and our lives as we enjoy the healing sound of music.’-Music to Heal the World 

Nota bene

In 2002, I organised and convened the first GCGI Conference at Plater College, Oxford, which later became, the Annual GCGI Conference Series in many locations around the world.

An International Conference on

An Interfaith Perspective on Globalisation

Common Goals, Common Crises, Common Call and Common Hope

Plater College, Oxford, July 27 - August 3, 2002

Planning, organising and convening this international conference was one of the most beautiful, memorable moments in my life. As many people, wiser than me have noted, our lives and the world in which we all live, are so unpredictable. Things happen suddenly, unexpectedly. We want to feel we are in control of our own existence. In some ways we are, in some ways we're not ... Life, can bring you so much joy and yet at the same time cause so much pain.

I was so devastated that after this wonderful journey, full of joy and happiness, achievements and success in my academic life, due to some reasons beyond my control, I started to feel unwell, unhappy, depressed,  not enjoying what I was doing and teaching, especially when I lost all confidence in the value of moral-free economics that I was teaching my students, and more. 

In 1999 I voluntarily resigned from my post at Coventry University. It goes without saying that, I was heartbroken and extremely hurt that I was unable to nurture and develop further what I had envisioned and built there.

After leaving my post at Coventry University, I went through two years of hell, hardship and struggle with everything. I had to rediscover myself again. I had to find a new path to explain who I am, what I am, and why I am.

Thus, I came back to Oxford again. This time to a small Catholic adult education college there in Pullens Lane, Headington, called Plater College. After decades of being a university lecturer, I became a student again, when I registered for the Pastoral Theology course.

I enjoyed my time and studies at Plater very much. It was truly a path to my personal healing. I have explained this in much more detail elsewhere: My Coventry Story  and at Oxford Theology Society Lecture, Keble College.

Now, looking back, it seems that I organised this beautiful interfaith music gala, not only for the conference, but, perhaps, unconsciously, I was celebrating my own healing through the healing power of music.

So now, please join me and celebrate the beauty, wonder and the healing power of music, by watching the videos of that evening in Oxford:


Interfaith Music Gala, Oxford 2002. Introductory remarks by Kamran Mofid

Classical and Mystical Persian/Sufi Music

Authentic Persian Folkloric Music (Bhakhitiari and Lori)

Classical and Mystical Syrian/Arabic Music

Folkloric and Spiritual Music of Latin America

Classical and Mystic Hindu Music

Tabla Solo in Contemporary Style

Traditional Sikh Instrumental Recital - Raag Shri

Traditional Indian Classical Vocal Recital - Raag Bhimpalasi

Shabad (Hymn from the Sikh Scripture) - Guru Granth Sahib Ji - in Raag Kirwani

Interfaith Music Gala, Oxford 20002: Thanks and concluding remarks by Kamran Mofid


 Watch the Interfaith Music Gala, Oxford 2002 on YouTube