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“The commons” is a useful term because it helps describe a nearly ubiquitous pathology of modern life, the enclosure of the commons. Governments throughout the world are conspiring with, or acquiescing in, the plunder of our common wealth. This is the net effect of the privatization of public resources and services being carried out as part of economic globalization.’-David Bollier

Yes. It is true. We are, in the words of the Diggers of 1649, seeking to make "the Earth a common treasury for all … not one lording over another, but all looking upon each other as equals in the creation". 

They hang the man and flog the woman

That steal the goose from off the common,

But let the greater villain loose

That steals the common from the goose. English folk poem, circa 1764

Commons Must Triumph for the Good of All

‘But before we can redesign society, we must first learn to see the world as a commons.’

The Monetisation of all We Do: Tragedy for the Commons


In the last few decades, our supposedly, democratically elected governments, have in our name, been engaged in what I call the theft of the century. They have plundered our commons. 

They have celebrated private over public, competition over collaboration, hopelessness over hopefulness, ugliness over goodness, darkness over light, worthlessness over worthiness, fear over harmony and trust, foolishness over wisdom and more.

This theft has brought nothing but chaos and destruction to our sacred earth, our home, as well as to all those who dwell upon it. They have destroyed everything that was once beautiful. 

They have demolished our abilities to imagine better. They have fooled us to vote against our own self interest, again and again.  This is nothing short of a tragedy for humanity.

In order to highlight these and more, I have put a few postings together:


The first one is: We need to come together to stop the plunder of the commons

One of the major consequences of the plunder of the commons has been the huge rise in loneliness, anxiety, depression, self harm and suicides. This has affected all groups and all ages. One group very tragically affected are children, youth and students. Therefore, the second posting isWaves of Anxiety in our Classrooms: University students are crying out for mental health wellbeing modules

The pertinent questions at this point are: What can we, the people, do now? How can we heal ourselves and our mother nature?

We need to celebrate and follow the wisdom of the past, the sages and philosophers of love, who have always reminded us how to live. Thus, my third posting is:  William Morris, Britain's most inspiring designer: Walthamstow’s Gift to the World- The beauty of living simply: the forgotten wisdom of William Morris

Finally, as many observers have reminded us, education that a good, values-led education is the key to unlock the door to a better world, a better life. So, my fourth posting is: The Journey to Sophia: Education for Wisdom

So, there you have it: Protect and Value the Commons and the Commons will heal us all. Carpe Diem!