'Baba stepped away from ego, cut desire to the core. He wanted less than others and, like a neat card trick, ended up with more. This is a short story about my Iranian father-in-law —a man whose authentic journey and philosophy of kindness and simple living inspired others. In this world you never know who your teachers will be.'- Photo:amazon.com

The Wisdom of My Father: As Remembered and Recalled by my Sister-in-Law, Dagny Mofid

I am very happy and excited about this beautifully written book, depicting aspects of my dad’s life story and journey, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 87 in Niagara Falls, Canada.  

Dagny and her husband, Kamyar, my youngest brother, used to live very close to my parents’ house. Dagny became a good listener of my dad’s stories. He loved to tell stories. After dad passed away, Dagny wished to write a book about all the life lessons she had learned from him over the years.  Dagny and my father would spend hours sitting and talking in the living room of my parents’ house. It must have been during those philosophical and spiritual conversations that she came to understand his philosophy of living and indeed, what’s life all about.  

Now, Dagny has done this in a very easy, fun to read and beautifully produced book; a good and accurate reflection of a man who, as Dagny has noted “He stepped away from ego, cut desire to the core.  He wanted less than others and, like a neat card trick, ended up with more”.  

As, I, too, have noted below, my dad’s ideas and his life exemplified a simple, yet deeply engaging and profound roadmap for a happier and a more fulfilling, meaningful life. 

It is also noteworthy to know that, whilst writing the book, Dagny carried out a detailed research on the history of Iran and she touches upon some of the magnificent richness of Persia from a historical, familial and cultural perspectives.  

I do hope you will read this book, not necessarily because it is a book about my father, but because it is a book about a life lived simply with meaning, and with very positive and inspiring life lessons.  

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What is a Good Life? It is a Journey in Pursuit of Hope, Meaning and Purpose 

A Reflection on My Dad’s Wisdom

Looking back at my life, all those decades ago, growing up in Tehran, I can remember that we spent many days, moments of joy, when my dad engaged with us, his children, our friends and his, pondering and reflecting together on Life’s Big Questions, questions of meaning, values and purpose.

He always used to read poetry to us, quoting the priceless, precious words of the Persian sages of love, Sa’di, Hafez, Rumi, Khayam and others.

I can, in particular, remember, when he used to  tell me about the timeless beauty of simple living. I don’t know if I fully understood the significance of what he was telling me at that time or not. But, now, looking back, I think, somehow, I must have got it, given my own chosen path of life. For all these, I am most grateful.