Out of the coronavirus crisis, a new kinder and better world must be born



Covid-19 has come to tell us that we are not the kings of the world: It has exposed the great weakness within the human triumph

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Dear All,

As I began to formulate this email to you earlier this morning , I started to feel more anxious than usual. Fear and doubt began to take over me. 

With our prime minister, alongside many many thousands of others in hospitals and ICU departments, it is now becoming so real what is happening all over the world.

Today also our daughter-in-law who is a senior nurse at our Coventry hospital started her new 12-hour shift in the critical care ward. Up to yesterday she was in the blood transfusion department. 

Although we are proud of her and other NHS heroes,  I will be economical with the truth if I tell you, we are not worried and concerned.

Thus, I was in two minds if I should send you my letter which I had written a while back to honour and celebrate this day: the 250th Birthday of the Poet of Nature, The First Eco-Warrior.

I decided to err on the side of Hope, Love, Beauty and Friendship and do send the letter after all. We must not despair, we must walk on. We must remain resilient and positive.

As fear spreads, systems falter and uncertainty takes up residence in our daily lives, hearts and minds, we must try and be inspired by something much bigger than our usual selves.

Let us choose Love, let us choose life, let us choose kindness, let us choose gratitude, let us choose resting deep into the sacred earth and mother nature for strength, wisdom and resilience, let us use the tools that we have been given and let us breathe softly and listen. This may well be the moment our soul has been waiting for.

Please give me your kindness and read my letter. (See the link below).

Along with you, I’ve been feeling deeply into this moment and feel we stand at the threshold of profound global transformation. The better world is just round the corner. Our role in this transformation is unique and irreplaceable. Attend your imagination, your dreams and hopes. Receive wisdom and insight from this new perspective that will help you find hope in the face of the unknown, and ‘Let nature be your teacher.

This Is My Letter to You: The Sweetness of Being Human: ‘We have all of us one human heart.’