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What a beautiful gift I received early this morning!


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Today, like any other day, I came down to my study at about 4.30am for my usual Dawn Moment, to do a bit of meditation, enjoying the morning chorus, watching the sun rising, butterflies dancing and the sky colours changing. Reading a poem or two, trying to find the right balance, in my heart and in my mind, to begin my day, hopefully for the common good.

Then, I turned to my Iphone and low and behold there was a WhatsApp message from my wife! I opened it. It was a video with a very beautiful and inspiring title: ‘If This Time’.

Annie had received the video from a WhatsApp group- a few close friends from their high school times at Cardinal Wiseman in Coventry all those years ago.

I turned the video on. Wow! It was so beautiful, inspiring, full of wonderfully relevant and timeless words, guiding the listener to the path of light, beauty, nature, wisdom, gratitude, hope and more. This is why I am excited to share it with you.

'If This Time' By Kevin McCormack- - Now & Zen Mindfulness

Prose written and voiced by Kevin McCormack, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Writer and Actor.

'If This Time' carries a message of Gratitude and Hope, and was composed in May of 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Watch ‘If This Time’ here

Learn more about Kevin McCormack and Now & Zen Mindfulness

Kevin McCormack-Photo:Now & Zen

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Kevin McCormack in his video amongst other things, speaks about love, nature, success, gratitude, kindness, hope, living a worthwhile life.

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