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A Churchill history lesson for Brexit Britain

As Churchill saw it in 1946, Britain’s glory was not to be found in isolation and pseudo-nationalism

Boris Johnson, a best-selling biographer of Winston Churchill, who also sees himself as a modern-day Churchill, has claimed the Great Man for the side of Brexit. 

Writing below I offer the contrary argument that “everything we know” about Churchill suggests that he would “be a committed voter to remain” inside the European Union.

Thus, to my mind, like on many other issues, Boris Johnson has been economical

with truth and therefore has cheated us all again

A blimp depicting Boris Johnson hovers near a statue of Winston Churchill.SIMON DAWSON / REUTERS

Lest We Forget

EU has always been a Peace Project First and Foremost

Europe and the Europeans all together for the Common Good in Unity and Hope

“By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone.”

‘It was always lost on Brexiteers – but the EU is fundamentally about peace.’ 

“The Most Successful Peace Project in the History of Mankind”

And Churchill understood and appreciated this. What a pity that the current Tories are so ignorant of his vision and dream.

Winston Churchill valued a united Europe

Commemorative plaque for the speech of Winston Churchill at the University of Zürich.

The final sentence: “Therefore I say to you: let Europe arise!”

“We hope to see a Europe where men of every country will think as much of being a European as of belonging to their own native land, and that without losing any of their love and loyalty of their birthplace. We hope wherever they go in this wide domain they will truly feel ‘Here I am at home. I am a citizen of this country too.”

Brexiteers forget that their hero knew exactly what was needed to maintain lasting peace after the Second world war

Being no longer Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill spent much time touring Western Europe in 1946 and received widespread public homage. On September 19th he delivered his most memorable speech of that period addressing the academic youth at the old university in Zurich.

Winston Churchill: called for a United States of Europe 

Let Europe Arise! - Winston Churchill Great Speeches that Made History

On September 19, 1946, at the University of Zurich, Winston Churchill delivered one of his most famous speeches.

He advocated for a United States of Europe and for forgiveness between France and Germany.

He warned that the horrors of the past could still be repeated without fundamental change. 

Watch this historical moment HERE 

Churchill – a `founding father’ of the European Union 

'Winston Churchill, a former army officer, war reporter and British Prime Minister (1940-45 and 1951-55), was one of the first to call for the creation of a ‘United States of Europe’. Following the Second World War, he was convinced that only a united Europe could guarantee peace. His aim was to eliminate the European ills of nationalism and war-mongering once and for all. He formulated his conclusions drawn from the lessons of history in his famous ‘Speech to the academic youth’ held at the University of Zurich in 1946: “There is a remedy which ... would in a few years make all Europe ... free and ... happy. It is to re-create the European family, or as much of it as we can, and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom. We must build a kind of United States of Europe.” Thus the driving force behind the anti-Hitler coalition became an active campaigner for Europe’s cause.

It should also be remembered that in 1948 Churchill presided the Congress at The Hague leading to the establishment of the Council of Europe and the European Court for Human Rights’- The two institutions that Brexiteers despise!!

In short, this was the recommendation of a man who, for much of his life, had been at the heart of British, European and global politics, and a  witness to a fragmented continent, including extreme nationalism, wars and destruction. To my mind, our eventual membership was surely in keeping with his thinking.'

Winston Churchill: calling for a United States of Europe 

Winston Churchill, speech delivered at the University of Zurich, 19 September 1946


Brexit is a House of Cards Built on Shifting Sands: Its Foundation was Built on a Pack of Lies

The Folly and Ignorance of Brexit to Grasp the TRUTH:

EU has always been a Peace Project First and Foremost


The Longest Suicide Note in History:

If this is not a sign of total madness, then what is it?

Leaving the Greatest Peace Project for a Shabby Pseudo independence

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‘The Eton Boys are undefiled 

The Bullingdon Boys, running wild

And England slides into the mist

No hope they’ll cease nor desist

They're making England great again

Make way for the bagmen

And when everything's been sold and bought

We'll soon be off the life support

This is an English public school

This is where Britain raised its empire

Rulers of yesterday

And still trains the leaders of tomorrow

They're making England great again

Make way for the bagmen

And when everything's been sold and bought

We'll soon be off the life support.’

Watch the video: Madness - The Bullingdon Boys

Time to Rejoice, Time to Celebrate!

The Eton Boys, The Bullingdon Boys, The Chosen and Exceptional Few, 

Got their Brexit Done and Gifted us with ‘INDEPENDENCE’!!!

Photo: YouTube-Britannia Independence Day - Leave and Brexit

Not long to go before, what, some of our most ‘distinguished’ and ‘honourable’ leaders, such as Nigel Farage,  Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Dominic Cummings, and Jacob Rees-Mogg- to name but a few- have called ‘The Independence Day’, when Britain will free itself from the shackles and chains of European imperialism and colonisation, and becomes great again. 

The Independence Day Coming to a Cinema Near You on 1 January 2021

Great Again? Think Again!

And now watch George Monbiot explaining the falsehood and the lies of Great Again!