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“Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves we are the same.”

‘Do you ever listen to a song and find yourself moved so deeply you are almost in tears? Have you ever been to a live performance that turned your worst day into your best? Have you ever heard a song that inspired you? Music has the power to move us and to change us. Yet today’s music mostly does not seem to have the same earth-moving, society-shaping effects as that of the past.

With today’s technology, music has become even more of a part of our life experiences: we listen to it on our drive to work, when we go to parties, while we study, when we exercise, and in so many other settings. Yet we see fewer and fewer people taking to the streets with picket signs because of its messages. There are, however, still musicians who hope that their words will inspire change.’  

Not long to go before the 2019 New Year. The time of hope, spiritual renewal, music, dancing, celebration, nostalgic journeys and more.


I was prompted to write this blog, after listening to some great and inspiring music, whilst hearing the life-story of one of my favorite musicians being interviewed on the Desert Island Discs, BBC, Radio 4.

Born in New York City in 1952 to a teenage mother, he spent his early life immersed in his parents’ bohemian, beatnik, and drug-dominated lifestyle. Drugs played a part in his life too from an early age, and he took his first acid trip at the age of 15.

He then got cancer. He was in and out of rehab and hospitals, and went through life-changing experiences. And then, he discovered the healing power of music, and as it is often said, the rest is history.

I very much wish that, this, my last blog of 2018, will be a blog of hope, healing, joy  and wondering, whilst reflecting on how we may find the path to a better life: And what better way than the Healing Power of Timeless Music and Lyrics to guide us to that path.

'Guitarist, songwriter and producer Nile Rodgers has made music worth more than $2 billion, according to one estimate – from his floor-filling singles with Chic, to hit albums with Madonna, Diana Ross and David Bowie in the 1980s, and a more recent collaboration with Daft Punk. He’s also a survivor – of an unconventional childhood, life-threatening addictions and two cancer diagnoses – and he continues to play dozens of live shows around the world.'-Photo:bbc.co.uk

And now listen to Nile Rodgers, Desert Island Discs, BBC, Radio 4

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May you find joy in the simple pleasures of life and may the light of the holiday season fill your heart with the hope for a better world.