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May you find joy in the simple pleasures of life and may the light of the holiday season fill your heart with the hope for a better world

“…there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.” —Ecclesiastes 3:12

We are very much looking forward to Christmas and the New Year when we will all continue our common good journey and share a common belief in the potential of each one of us to become self-directed, empowered, and active in defining this time in the world as an opportunity for positive change and healing and for the true formation of a culture of peace by giving thanks, spreading joy, sharing love, seeing miracles, discovering goodness, embracing kindness, practicing patience, teaching moderation, encouraging laughter, celebrating diversity, showing compassion, turning from hatred, practicing forgiveness, peacefully resolving conflicts, communicating non-violently, choosing happiness and enjoying life.

Photo: The world’s first printed Christmas card, printed in 1843, London.

Christmas celebrates the possibility of a different kind of world. A world of kindness, justice and peace. The Christmas lights at the darkest moments of the year are a testimony to our capacity to hope. Don’t let the light go out!!!

We firmly believe that, in these dark times, when we are all in search of ways to heal our wounded world, we can nurture this light within ourselves, and help to cultivate it and share it with each other. Love, gratitude, kindness, empathy, beauty, wisdom and joy—by cultivating these feelings in our own hearts and minds, we find our own light within, discover our purpose, passion, and vocation and gain the strength to lift the weight of these dark times; enabling and empowering us to work with others in the interest of the common good, to build a better world we are all imagining.

With all our love,
Until we meet again, we hope, soon,
Kamran and Annie

...And now we will be most grateful if you would kindly consider supporting the GCGI Christmas Appeal 2019

Having a member of the family diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) is absolutely devastating for anyone, the patients, themselves, their families, but it can be particularly tough for children who are still developing emotionally.

This Christmas, many families will be struggling to make sense of this and other traumatic/terminal illnesses. The journey is painful and at times must be unbearable. 

This is why the GCGI has chosen the following two charities for its Christmas appeal 2019. The right care means everything to people living with a terminal illness and their families. Please be an instrument of hope to all sufferers by giving to:  

The Motor Neurone Disease Association

Care and support through terminal illness | Marie Curie

Please see below for more details:

A Story of Love and Courage: A Short History of Falling- Everything I Observed About Love Whilst Dying