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The remarkable characteristic of our chaotic and crisis riddled world today is their deepening and continuity

Crisis after Crisis: Financial Crisis. Credit and Banking Crisis. Environmental and Ecological Crisis. Biodiversity Crisis. Epidemic and Pandemic Crisis. Housing Crisis. Health and Well-being Crisis. Education Crisis. Spiritual and Moral Crisis. Trust and Trusting Crisis. Indifference Crisis. Fake, Fake News and Faking Crisis. Reality Crisis. Populism and Fascism Crisis,...all of them leading ours to be a generalized "time of crisis."


Given the state of our world today, falling from one crisis to the next, from one fear, anxiety and despair to the next, from hopelessness and helplessness to the next, I thought perhaps it's time to reflect again on some of the main  reasons for such a sorry state of affairs, and perhaps more crucially, to see if there are any voices of hope, suggesting a more humane alternatives to the current inhumane and unjust outcomes.

So, if interested, there you have it: 

Is Neoliberal Economics and Economists 'The Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated on the World?'

The Broken Economic Model and the Inhumanity of the Lost Decade of Austerity

The Age Of Perpetual Crisis: What are we to do in a world seemingly spinning out of our control?

And finally, at times like this, I remain hopeful by recalling the wise words of Hafez, the 14th century Persian philosopher of love, a seeker of wisdom who became a poet of genius, a lover of truth who has transcended the ages. May this poem be a source of hope and inspiration to us, as we must remain positive; we must remain hopeful.

Don't Despair Walk On