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Grand Heist: The Theft of the Century by the Most 'Educated Thieves'- All with MBAs and PhDs!

Inside Job | Official Trailer HD (2010)

“The definitive big picture on the financial crisis, from the man behind the Oscar-winning documentary that exposed the workings of the new economic elite Based on explosive interviews conducted personally by award-winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson, as well as newly released court documents and information buried in archives, Inside Job traces in gripping detail how the financial industry and its enablers went rogue. Ferguson shows how three decades of deregulation created a predator nation and invited the crisis, particularly as key players cycled through positions of power in government, independent academia, and big-ticket finance. With clarity, toughness, and stunning freshness, he delivers an unrivalled accounting of how the new economic oligarchy have wrested control of our politics and our prospects for eventual recovery.”

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Nothing short of a sea change in education and teaching values can save the world