G4S's Olympic struggles should derail the drive towards more privatisation

Private companies have one aim: profit maximisation. So expect cuts in staffing levels and everything done on the cheap

“The next time you meet one of those free-market ideologues who tells you private companies are always more efficient than the public sector, don't bother to get involved in a lengthy argument. Instead just use the example of G4S.

G4S, which describes itself as "the world's leading security solutions group", was given a lucrative £284m contract to supply more than 10,000 security staff to work at the Olympic Games.

Now, two weeks before the opening ceremony, G4S tells us it needs additional help to meet its obligations. The testimony of those who tried to get a job suggests incompetence on an enormous scale.”…

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Nick Buckles: the G4S chief who says his leadership style is 'no excuses'

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