OIKONOMOS – a documentary about transforming economics education

This inspiring documentary shows how student groups are emerging to challenge the economics curriculum, changing how economics is taught in a world that is changing.

Since the deepening and continuing crash of the 2008, there has been an equally increasing, deepening and continuing criticism of economics and economists not dealing with societal issues, and ignoring the value of values in their teaching, a topic which I have extensively been writing about, of which some examples are noted below:

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Moreover, I am proud that the GCGI has been at the forefront of the attempts to transform economics education towards the common good, making “The Dismal Science” relevant to our lives. I thank our members for all their support and encouragements.

Many other voices are also calling for change. Around the world there is a growing movement working to change how economics is being taught at our universities.

One of these movements that has made the video you are about to see is OIKONOMOS, transforming economic education.

This is how Ingrid Rieser, the director, explains the documentary:

“I was one of the disillusioned economics students who wanted more from my education. I thought there must be better ways of educating economists, and soon found other students and academics that shared my concerns.

Wanting to delve further into the subject, I chose it as the topic of my MA dissertation. After the initial research I started travelling around the UK, France and Sweden, doing interviews with people involved in improving economics education. Through the film I've tried to communicate the findings of my research and tell the important story of how economics education is being transformed.”

In short, OIKONOMOS, is an attempt to tell the story of this movement, and asks why and how students, academics, educational institutions and citizens are working to make economics education more pluralist, updated and related to the real world.

Watch the video here:

OIKONOMOS - transforming economics education - YouTube

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