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Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli

Evolutant and Entrepreneur, Founding President, WSF World Spirit Forum, Switzerland

Let me start by quoting Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky (1863-1945):

“We are going through not just a crisis but a colossal turning point of human thought that happens only once in a millenium”. 1)

The opportunity for Humanity to turn in the right direction at the next crossroad has never been better. Never in history were the signs so clear and the knowledge so vast leading us to acknowledge the indications given by top scientists, politicians, economists, theologians, etc., that we can be optimistic and change our direction today. It requires the wisdom of leaders, it requires authentic leadership, it calls for a holistic concept, where the importance of the five domains of sustainability (by Michael U. Ben-Eli 2), are recognized and followed, and humanity will find its way through today’s turbulences.

The Material Domain: Constitutes the basis for regulating the flow of materials and energy that underlie existence. The Economic Domain: Provides a guiding framework for creating and managing wealth. The Domain of Life: Provides the basis for appropriate behavior in the biosphere. The Social Domain: Provides the basis for social interactions. The Spiritual Domain: Identifies the necessary attitudinal orientation and provides the basis for a universal code of ethics.

I was introduced to these tools by the founder of the Sustainability Laboratory, New York, Dr. Michael Ben Eli, in Costa Rica in 2008. They fascinate me knowing that when adhering to these principles in our daily life we have taken the first step toward solving many of our challenges. And Michael was lucky to have studied together with Bucky and to follow in his footsteps with his work.

Humanity at the crossroad, what signs do we see today, why has the opportunity for humanity never been better than now, by using the vast knowledge of experts all over the world? Because it is happening now and should be so obvious and so clear to everybody, if we observe carefully and notice the tensions prevailing. It all adds up to the fact that something is wrong with our current system. And that we are able to do something about it. With today’s information technology we can spread ideas and words much quicker than ever before and inform the public at large about new technologies that already exist.

The Globalization for the common good Initiative brought us together today. I would like to take this opportunity to set a positive tone in the midst of all the negative news we read in the newspapers, hear on the radio or see on television.

Humanity at the crossroad means, today, now we have the chance, to take the “right” direction and tell me, why should we not take the right direction?

The first part of my dialogue with you today is around the theme “humanity at the crossroad”, and as you certainly know, a crossroad has 4 possibilities to continue on the road:

1. Following the same direction and possibly using new methods

2. Following the same direction but using the same methods or going backwards

3. Turning left in a new direction

4. Turning right in a new direction

What direction should humanity choose? A short synthesis of the four possibilities:

1. Straight forward possibly with new methods is not really suitable, because this is the path we have been following for a long time by now.

2. Straight forward using the same methods is mainly what we have been doing.

3. Turning left is one of the good choices we have.

4. Turning right could be the best choice we have.

The meaning of “right” can imply either a direction or a quality. Wouldn’t you agree that we should follow the latter meaning? The right side, the right way, it implicates a positive feeling. Furthermore, we should take note of the following comments made by Buckminster Fuller or Albert Einstein:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

As the word already indicates, it would be good to take the right direction at the crossroad which can mean that we look ahead, and only back to learn from our mistakes not forgetting that they are also part of our lives since it is only human to make mistakes. Therefore, we should stop blaming others for what is now happening in the world. While we should start to look at our mistakes, we should also take a look at our possibilities, and what we can do as global and national citizens.

It is not enough to say that the politicians are wrong, the institutions are wrong, the bankers are wrong, because we are the ones that have given them the power to do what they do. This also means that we have the power to change the direction at the next crossroad, to say “stop”! We’ve had enough! We want to go another way.

And yes, we are ready, and yes, we have all the tools and all the capacities to be ready. Our species is the most highly evolved in humanity the planet has ever seen. Our vast knowledge can lead us out of the financial crisis, poverty, inequality, hunger, from fear and so on….to abundance and prosperity for everyone on earth, every day.

We have already established the UN in 1948. Since then we have established many other institutions that are capable of solving all the problems we have. However, they have to be taken seriously, and the intention for which these organizations were founded, right after the war, when all humans on earth where longing for peace, applied properly.

Bearing this in mind, let’s talk about what we can do to change the way that we are headed, let’s talk about how we can join forces today to initiate the first step on our journey to a blue planet, to re-establish the paradise God has given us, the paradise he created for all humans. We need not quote all the religious and spiritual leaders to know this, we all have this understanding in us, we need only learn to hear and apply it.

Despite the many catastrophes, disasters, hunger, climate and financial problems we face, if we look around we can clearly see that there is a large Citizen’s Movement; thousands of NGO’s and other organizations and individuals who are already taking the lead in many fields of daily life; they are working toward a change of consciousness the world needs.

Let me give you a few examples of organizations, companies or individuals that are already in the process of showing us the big potential we all have. They especially demonstrate how we can instantly convey to so many people new ideas and tools with today’s new media.

In the business world, I would like to mention two examples from Switzerland. These companies are 125 and 90 years old respectively, and real pioneers of consciousness in the business world, which many companies are only starting to follow…

The Swiss Trisa Group 3), founded in 1887, today employs a staff of 1126 and achieves a consolidated turnover of CHF 215 million.

A few words on the Trisa Spirit: For decades sustained corporate development has been given the highest priority at Trisa. It is based on economic, social and ecological factors that are constantly being optimized and harmonized.

90 years Weleda 4): For 90 years, the goal of the Weleda Group, was to preserve, promote and restore the health of people. In 1921 the company set the foundation for environmental, social and economic responsibility. Two phrases from their principles: Whoever wants to see the whole must be willing to engage in the particular. By approaching us with all your senses, you can reach us - because we want to reach you.

The Berne Declaration (BD) 5) – an example of an organization called NGO…

The Berne Declaration is a Swiss non-governmental organization with 20'000 members. Through research, public education and advocacy work, it has promoted more equitable, sustainable and democratic North-South relations since 1968.

«In today's era of globalization, the elites, the governments and banks are building new alliances. In the same way, we must forge alliances amongst ourselves - between India and Switzerland, between you and me. The alliance between the Berne Declaration and the Save the Narmada Movement is a model of this new cooperation.»- Arundhati Roy, writer, 15 November 1999 in Zurich/Switzerland

Also I may mention a few of the many speakers, I have been able to meet at the World Spirit Forum in Arosa, Switzerland, a spiritual forum I co-initiated in 2003 and chaired for many years. Most of these speakers have their own organization or foundation, working mostly on the global challenges we face:

Masami and Hiroo Saionji 6) – Goi Peace Foundation Tokyo and World Peace Prayer Association

Prof. Ervin Laszlo 7) – Founder Club of Budapest – Founder Global Shift University

Prof. Franz-Josef Radermacher 8) – Global Marshall Plan – Club of Rome

Prof. Michael von Brück 9) – University of Munich

Dr. Nina Meyerhof 10) – Children of the Earth Foundation – World Spirit Youth Council

Simon Cohen 11) - Tolerance Ltd. London

Prof. Maximilian Gege 12) – Chair B.A.U.M. Germany

Jakob von Uexkull 13) – Founder Alternative Nobel Prize – Chairman World Future Council

Bibi Russell 14) – Bibi Productions – she gave work to 30‘000 Weavers in Banghladesh

The WTI 15) World Transforming Initiative founded in 2008 when approximately 20 heads of globally-oriented organizations met for an initial meeting in Costa Rica. Initiated by Ashok Khosla, President of the Club of Rome 16) and IUCN, Oscar Arias Foundation (Nobel peace price winner 1987) 17) and Deepak Chopra 18) . Since then, substantial work has been done by its core team, which I chaired for 4 years, to develop a vision for transforming humanity into a conscious society, with an awareness of the urgency and immediate need for a change of consciousness on the part of each individual.

Reaching members from so many organizations, take a look at the enclosed page from the World Transforming Initiatives, we can easily already reach a few hundred million culturally creative or conscious people, and believe me, there are many more. My guess is that today we have more than 3 billion people worldwide, ready with the consciousness required to bring about the change we need.

Among the participants in Costa Rica, Ashok Khosla, today’s President of the Club of Rome and the IUCN, Paul Raskin 19), President Tellus Institute Boston, Deepak Chopra who said “Together we can help create a peaceful, just, sustainable and healthy world” and Bo Ekmann 20), Executive Chairman Tällberg Foundation and many others….was a clear understanding that a World Transforming Initiatives is urgently needed.

Let me introduce you finally to IUCN,Tellus and Simpol:

IUCN 21) alone has more than 1’200 member organizations! The International Union for the Conservation of Nature is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization.

- Founded in 1948 as the world’s first global environmental organization

- Today, it boasts the largest professional global conservation network

- It is the leading authority on the environment and sustainable development

- It comprises more than 1,200 member organizations including 200+ government and 900+ non-government organizations

- It is composed of some 11,000 voluntary scientists and experts, grouped in six Commissions in some 160 countries

- IUCN’s work is supported by over 1,000 staff in 45 offices and hundreds of partners in public, NGO and private sectors around the world. The Union’s headquarters are located in Gland, near Geneva, in Switzerland.

- It is a neutral forum for governments, NGOs, scientists, business and local communities to find pragmatic solutions to conservation and development challenges

- Its activities encompass thousands of field projects and activities around the world

- It is governed by a Council elected by member organizations every four years at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

- It is funded by governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, foundations, member organizations and corporations

- It enjoys Official Observer Status at the United Nations General Assembly

Tellus Institute Boston 22) was established in 1976 as an interdisciplinary non-profit research and policy organization. The times were propitious for a young institute bringing fresh thinking and scientific rigor to environmental and social challenges and it grew rapidly as a result. Over the years, they conducted 3,500 projects throughout the world, becoming an international leader in developing resource and environmental strategies, and helping shape the embryonic field of sustainable development.

SIMPOL “Simultanous policy” 1B) is another important organization and tool. The Simultaneous Policy (Simpol) campaign allows citizens around the world to use their votes in their national elections to solve global problems like global warming, financial market regulation, environmental destruction, war, and social injustice.

Without doubt thousands of organizations, companies and individuals could have been mentioned, but I chose just a few I know personally….in order to demonstrate that the new paradigm has already been set in motion by so many! We can see, feel and sense it!

The more we start to implement these tools in the world now, the more we start to do it the “right” way, the way we have chosen at the crossroad, the more changes are happening soon.

I cannot overemphasize the fact that the power is with us, with the people and that neither we nor the people should continue to ignore it. We “must” start make use of this power we have, daily, in every moment of our lives and with every cell in our body. That’s one of the reasons for my title “humanity at the crossroads”. It’s time, why not, let’s do it, let’s have fun together, let’s dream together, let’s rock the scene, let’s forget about fear, it’s time to bring the power back to the people, to each individual and to humanity as a whole. And don’t forget that we have it all, we need only to listen to our inner voice and not so much to the rumors in circulation in the outside, material world. Everywhere in the world of politics, science, religion, culture and economics, we can find outstanding, spiritual people whose consciousness has evolved to the extent where they can help us to change the course toward the new paradigm. All have come to realize that we have limited resources and very little time left to adopt the necessary changes. The signs are there and evident for everyone to see and they are becoming stronger day by day.

It does not matter if somebody is rich or poor, if somebody has a lot of material wealth, if somebody is President of a country or the leader of a Bank or the biggest company in the world. It really doesn’t matter one bit! It’s all hands on deck to change the course of our mother ship, Earth.

Yes, we are going to take the right direction at the next crossroad – nothing more, nothing less – we have it all. “Yes we can” was a popular phrase a few years ago. Did we use it? Sadly no, but now we have it in our hands, at this very conference, to take the initiative for many conferences and meetings to follow. Where like-minded people meet, in deep dialogue, to determine, initiate, coordinate and follow-up on specific “actions”. Thank you Kamran and Annie for the passion with which you have invested so many years of your lives in finally bringing us all here together. With people like you the world definitely becomes a better place to live! Thank you! Yes we all have it in our hands, let’s start for the sake of our children, our mother Earth and our blue planet!

Though we heard about some important tools there are so many more mostly known to us with which we can attract large networks. I don’t believe I am exaggerating when I say that with the networks available from the people sitting here at this conference for the common good, we can reach nearly the whole world and all of its citizens.

Dear friends, today, as you already heard I am here for positive news. I like us to see the positive possibilities we have already created with all the talented people sitting here and all over the world, thinking of and studying possibilities to solve the challenges we are facing. And again I am confident in saying, that we have all the tools at our disposal to solve the immense workload we have in front of us.

The theme of the second part of my dialogue with you is

“Economy at the crossroad”…

This theme is as important as humanity at the crossroad, because it can be the catalyst and, if used properly and with respect for all of creation and nature, can solve the most urgent problems we face today.

Remember that 10 years ago Argentina was more than bankrupt. In order to survive people started to sell home-made products on the street. Argentina rejected an offer from the IMF saying “No, gracias” and went its own way. The man leading this way was Roberto Lavagna, designated as Minister of Economy in 2002. His reason was simple. Argentina wanted to follow his economic program, without interference from outside, deciding itself what is good for the country. Although Argentina no longer received loans from the financial markets, it achieved the turnaround by itself. The situation in Argentina was worse than the one in Greece today…In 2001 Argentina had a population of 40 million people and debts of 132 billion US dollars. 10 years later the debts of Greece, with 11,3 million people amount to 360 billion dollars…

In 2012 there were10,9 million millionaires worldwide, before the economic crisis in 2008 there were 9,5 million.

After the great depression the state took over the responsibility for macroeconomic stabilization. From 1940 till 1975 inequality declined sharply and the middle class grew. Today’s situation, as we know, is marked by social protests and social instability worldwide. Arab Spring, Israeli middle class protests, Chilean student protests, riots in London, not to mention Greece, Ireland, Spain (with its nearly 50% unemployed youth), Portugal, Italy…and what about Occupy Wall Street in the United States which has grown to become a worldwide movement. The growing discontent with corruption and inequality in China.

“If we cannot abolish inequality, we have no future. “ Nouriel Roubini, stated. He is lecturer on economy at the New York University

With respect to this statement: it is worthy to note that 3,5 billion people on earth have less the 2 dollars income per day! In contrast, the richest man on earth, Carlos Slim, Mexico has assets worth 75 billion dollars.

The decoupling of financial ties to nearly every sphere of production and the real economy is a high priority issue. In Europe, trans-national currency, the Euro, is undergoing a crisis that threatens the entire European project as do the difficulties and paradoxes stemming from political decisions.

It is one of the historical tendencies of capitalism to monetize more areas of life. Apart from commodities it exerts ever greater influence on science, education, culture and social relationships. It has developed completely new dynamics aimed at results and gain. The disputes over money always raise the question: What do we want? With the introduction of digital systems money has likewise gone digital and circulates around the world at nearly the speed of light. However, new common forms of money and investing are emerging. Regional currencies are attempting to reinstate the spectral circulation of money in real and manageable communities. The history of money has perhaps only just begun. Thorsten Schilling – Fluter 2B)

A possible solution: “Gradido-Natural Economy of Life” – A way to worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature 3B). The concept was created over the last fifteen years and finalized for implementation in the last few years. This system is now ready for immediate use and can be implemented by exchanging our talents with “Gratitude”.

But there is much more behind this name. It is a complete system and a new exchange tool for people throughout the world. It has all the advantages that can be observed in nature and is backed by the idea of the only creation that can show us how we can manage mother Earth, namely “NATURE”. We can immediately exchange directly with a farmer in Africa or South America, Australia, Alaska or elsewhere and he gets the same advantages like we have and the same Gradido account. Possible as of today, no poverty anymore, no inequality, no criminality, no corruption, no hunger, no fear, just remarkable. I recommend reading the book written by Bernd Hückstädt on Gradido “Natural Economy of Life” - A way to worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature.

A short introduction will show you why I use this example for the second part of my dialogue with you, it shows how the economy can now take the “right” crossroad and we can live in harmony with nature and each other throughout the world. It just needs the good will and the readiness of all the experts to implement it and/or to change the measure requiring so. The good news about this “Gradido” is that the man who invented this system, Bernd Hückstädt, is completely open, yes, open source, and no intention of holding it back for his own profit. He hopes that many people will help to introduce and develop it with gratitude in order to perfect a system for the whole world to use, including all the existing enterprises and systems in place, even the banking system. It is just a matter of adaptation. With good will this can be the tool to solve most of our existing inequalities on earth, right now!

Now here an easy explanation in form of a summary about Gradido, taken out of the book from Bernd Hückstädt:


Let’s begin with the most important decision criterium of the Natural Economy of Life, by which we measure all our thinking, talking and acting – the threefold good.

The threefold good

1. The good of every single participant - win-win.

2. The good of the community – family, community, country, humanity…

3. The good of the big scheme of things – nature, environment, mother earth, universe…

The natural law of becoming and decaying

The threefold good is, so to speak, the ethical foundation of our monetary and economic model. For it to work we have to develop it in harmony with natural laws. The most important law for us is the cycle of life, the cycle of becoming and decaying. It is integrated into our model in the form of creation of money and perishability.

The threefold creation of money

The threefold creation of money is derived from the threefold good.

The community, represented by the government, creates three amounts of 1,000 gradidos for each citizen every month, which money is used for the following purposes:

1. Basic income, either unconditional or active,

2. Government income, including health and social services,

3. Equalisation and Environment Fund (EEF) to protect and decontaminate the environment

Basic income

The model supports the two options of an unconditional basic income, which is paid out »just like that«, or an active basic income.

The active basic income follows from unconditional participation in the community: everybody has the right to work for the community for up to 50 hours a month in accordance with their inclinations and skills. The community remunerates this work with 20 gradidos an hour up to a maximum of 1,000 gradidos monthly. Because of the manifold beneficial effects of unconditional participation, we prefer the active basic income, particularly as the money thus created is covered by services and full employment is automatically achieved.

Government income

The second amount of 1,000 gradidos is sufficient for a generous national budget including health and social services on the scale currently available in the Federal Republic of Germany. Taxes, social insurances or similar levies are therefore not required: gross and net income are the same. A huge reduction of bureaucracy is possible. Illegal work no longer exists by definition.

Equalisation and Environment Fund (EEF)

The third amount of 1,000 gradidos constitutes an additional fund of the same amount as the national budget. The Equalisation and Environment Fund serves to eliminate economic and ecological contamination, primarily to remedy as far as humanly possible the disastrous environmental damage humans have caused over more than the last hundred years. It is the largest environmental fund in the history of humanity. Protection and decontamination of the environment will become the most lucrative sectors of the economy.

Self-regulating system stabilises the money supply

The cycle of becoming and decaying is already integrated into gradido. The threefold creation of money is subject to decay of 50% a year. Only 50 gradidos still remain from 100 after one year. After the pattern of nature the gradido is thus a self-regulating system, which keeps the money supply per person constant. The money supply cannot be manipulated.

Creation of money without debt

The creation of money follows the pattern of nature without debts having to be incurred. The gradido only provides for credit balances. Loans are still possible. They are agreements between lender and borrower. As only existing money may be lent, the money supply is not altered by loans. Although interest is not forbidden, it has no chance on the market.

Currency of the common good

As you see, each part of the money created is spent on a contribution to the community. The gradido is thus a currency for the common good. The call for an economy of the common good is getting louder and louder. Besides the gradido there are already several projects in this direction but so far they have not considered the monetary system. While reading this book it should have become clear to you, dear reader, that an economy of the common good cannot work in the old monetary system. With the gradido every sector of the economy will become an economy of the common good all by itself.

And here the comments from Buckminster Fuller or Albert Einstein are perfect again:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein

Understanding it is child’s play

The entire model is described in essence in this summary. It is so simple that even children can easily understand it with an appropriate explanation. The Natural Economy of Life has many life-saving benefits over the old monetary and economic systems although these may not be recognised at first glance. In the next chapter you will learn the 100 most important advantages of the Natural Economy of Life. Let yourself be inspired!

Experts like Bernard Lietaer 4B), ex member of the National Bank of Belgium in his books, one of the most known “The Mystery of Money” and the newest “People Money - the Promise of Regional Currencies” tells the stories of 14 leading local currency systems from around the world. It is a refreshing dose of positive good news and sanity in a time that is dominated by news of financial crisis and breakdown. The alternatives are real and are happening now. Margrit Kennedy 5B) and Bernard Lietaer have teamed up with John Rogers 6B) to produce the first English edition of their best-selling German book (2004) on regional currencies. Also many others have been analyzing possibilities for years. It seems that economic circles and the financial world all know that the end has been reached, we can no longer proceed along this path. But, yes, we have solutions and, yes, there are regional currencies in the world. For example Brazil has 67 complementary currencies, since 2006 Venezuela has more than 200 complementary currencies and has been consulted by Brazilian experts from the Banco Palmas, also people from Africa and Asia came to learn. There have been and are so many experts who can lead the way out of the storms we have been encountering. Let us now join forces and agree on committees to find the best way to include these solutions and apply them to the best extent. We can still work with the financial world, with the banks and use their tools and instruments, but adapt them as required.

The natural economy of life is one of the possibilities we should all look at carefully with experts from all fields and maybe we have to combine it with others, who knows, let’s just be open minded and believe that we can find the way out of today’s one way street. All the signs are there, here a few examples on how it could work:

The e-book is free to download for everybody, English as the major language is there. In one or two years an audience of a few billion citizens worldwide could be reached with a proper campaign. The experts could work on new systems together and apply the best structure for implementing the best systems all agree upon, for example by e-voting.

I do hope that I can motivate you all to sit together with me during this conference or after and find ways on how we can develop this system and apply it with the help of as many citizens as possible worldwide. And the good news about it is that we do not have to exclude anybody, all can cooperate with us, rich, poor, all nations, it does not really matter because at the end all will live in abundance - what more do we need or want?

Personally I feel a great strength and happiness when talking about all this, because I feel that when we have countries like Bhutan showing the whole world that they have accepted and successfully implemented the idea of a “gross national happiness” (GNH) indicator that measures quality of life or social progress in more holistic and psychological terms than only the economic indicator of “gross domestic product” (GDP), inducing the world to start thinking about it, countries such as France and the UK may be inclined to establish committees to look at this possibility. I am very confident that with good will we can establish this new system of the natural economy of life with Gradido, thereby eliminating poverty and hunger and bringing peace to all nations and humanity. Is there anything which could be of higher value than this option we have at our disposal.

I look forward to be with all of you during this conference and listen to your esteemed words and the opportunity to enter into interesting dialogues. Thank you! And for the day my three L’s – Love, laugh and live!

About the author:

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli

Evolutant, entrepreneur and spiritual bridge-builder, his life has gone far from a one way street. Following his commercial education and seven years in management positions in trading and production companies, Sesto G. Castagnoli started his own production and trading company network. Always keen on unifying people and cultures, he created and ran several projects in West Africa for a decade. During these years of cultural and trans-continental bridge building, his deep longing for a world of peace, economic equilibrium and spiritual unity evolved. In his capacity as years long president and co-founder of the World Spirit Forum and the World Transforming Initiatives, he has intensively promoted topics involving changes in consciousness. He is a founding member of many other organizations.

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli has two adult sons and lives with his second wife in a monastery, in the countryside, near Lucerne, Switzerland.

www.evolutant.com – sesto.castagnoli@evolutant

Organizations Page WTI World Transforming Initiatives mentioned at page 4

World Transforming Initiatives

A consortium of highly capable, credible and internationally networked experts

from a wide-range of cutting-edge organizations

Aboriginal Studies, University of Queensland • Berkana Institute

BEST Futures • Bhairavi Energy Business Education Consortium • Cities of Light

Chronos Video Productions • Climate Prosperity Strategies

Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations • Club of Budapest Canada

Club of Rome • College of Environmental Sciences, Beijing University

Disaster Relief for Rotarian Action • Eco-Social Forum • Earth Charter International

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