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Globalisation for the Common Good Initiative (GCGI) International Annual Conference Series

A Gathering of Voices on Caring for Creation

The 11th GCGI International Annual Conference will be held from 25 to 28 August 2013 at Cité universitaire internationale, Paris. This year’s Conference is in association with The Institut Cedimes and with support of Youth Time/ Rhodes Youth Forum. The Conference’s main theme is” “Imagine the Common Good: An Intergenerational Dialogue to Inspire a Creative Leadership”.

We also gratefully acknowledge the kind and invaluable assistance and cooperation of other organisations, thinktanks, NGOs and civil societies to our GCGI Paris Conference, always willing to lend a helping hand, offering moral, spiritual and academic support. Amongst them:

Plateforme de Paris, Fondation Tuck, School of Economic Science, Children of the Earth (COE), Design Me a Planet, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha,Share the World Resources (STWR), World Spirit Forum, the British Chapter of the International Association for Religious Freedom, Spiritual Heritage Education Network (SHEN), Humanistic Management Centre, Pacte civique Hub, Groupe SOS_Comptoir de l'Innovation, and Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers.

From Oxford 2002 to Paris 2013: Portrait of a Great Journey for the Common Good

Plater College, Oxford (2002) - St. Petersburg, Russia (2003) - Dubai, UAE (2004) - Nairobi and Kericho, Kenya(2005) - Chaminade University, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (2006) - Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey (2007) - Trinity College, University of Melbourne, Australia (2008) - Loyola University, Chicago, USA (2009) - California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California, USA (2010) - Alexandria Bibliotheca, Alexandria, Egypt (2011—Postponed, due to the Revolution in Egypt) - School of Economic Science, Oxford Campus, Waterperry House, Oxford (2012) - Cité universitaire internationale, Paris (2013)

What is the unfolding story of the next decades?
To inspire today’s youth to lead the world, with hope, imagination and wisdom in the interest of the common good, in order to change our troubled world for the better

In the last week of August 2013, we who come from many different countries, regions, civilisations, cultures and faiths, will come together out of a deep concern about the persistent multiple crises that we see in our communities and around the world. We represent a broad spectrum of age groups from the very young to senior citizens.

To this meeting of generations, we will bring our experience, our perspectives, our hopes, and our desire to learn from one another. Through drama, play, music, arts, poetry, research, scholarship, presentations, workshops and plenary sessions, we hope and expect to find a way to communicate across cultures and ages.

We will endeavour to develop insights that we will carry with us when we return to our communities. We will try to suggest new possibilities for building stronger relationships, families, communities, and nations through partnerships between youth and adults. We issue this Call to Action to draw attention to the ways that the lives and the fates of all across the spectrum of generations are interconnected.

Over 100 participants from over 20 countries are expected to join this 11th GCGI Annual Conference to challenge preconceptions and foster a common understanding in a strategically oriented, harmonious and productive dialogue.

As a non-partisan, non-sectarian, independent platform able to bring together people from different cultures, civilisations and disciplines, the GCGI Conference, this year, as in the past, will provide a holistic approach to the topics discussed, emphasising mutual respect, friendship, dialogue for the common good, in well structured sessions, encouraging genuine interaction, thus, ensuring significant “take home value” for all the participants.

We invite all people of good will, who are willing to share our hope and dreams for a better world to join our forum in Paris, in order to urge more effective and informed action to make the dream a reality.

GCGI Paris Final Programme:


The 11th GCGI International Annual Conference: Speakers’ CV Summaries


Messages of Greeting to the The 11th GCGI International Annual Conference


The Story of the GCGI


GCGI Paris Conference contact details:

Prof. Kamran Mofid   k.mofid@gcgi.info