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May the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be ever at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and the rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

You know, I just cannot believe that this journey which we call life goes so fast! What began as a vision of potential 11 yeas ago, has blossomed into a global family of loving people who share a desire to inspire one another with love, friendship, sympathy, empathy, working together, cooperating with one another in the interest of the common good. Our vision remains simple whilst our programmes and presentations continue to evolve and expand upon the timeless foundation of the Common Good. We continue to be a 100% all volunteer/ non-profit-making initiative. My deepest gratitude to every one of you for your continued support, love, and friendship. This is why I have always said that whilst the GCGI is very short of funds, it is, nonetheless, one of the richest organisations because of the loving support and commitments of its family members. And surely this is why, time and again, we have shown “Why Love, Trust, Respect and Gratitude Trumps Economics” (http://gcgi.info/news/338-the-story-of-the-gcgi).

Very soon we will come together to celebrate our GCGI 11th International Conference, which this year is being held in Paris. Violaine and I have worked very closely and Violaine in particular has worked tirelessly to make this conference possible.

We will come to Paris, all of us, experienced and newcomers, young and old, students and teachers and together will form a community committed to exploring and debating visions and ideas for celebrating diversity, appreciating uniqueness, enabling us to transform disagreements into understanding, competition into cooperation and mutual respect.

In addition to plenary sessions and workshops, there will be opportunities for informal spontaneous meetings and dialogue between participants throughout the conference. This, I sincerely hope, will result in invaluable collaborative learning experiences and networking, as well as rich personal interactions. Please try to participate also in the cultural and social activities to cement further the newly formed friendships. I hope you will take full advantage of all these activities.

I am sure, as in the past GCGI conferences, we all share a common belief in the potential of each one of us to become self-directed, empowered, and active in defining this time in the world as an opportunity for positive change and healing, and for the true formation of a culture of peace by giving thanks, spreading joy, sharing love, seeing miracles, discovering goodness, embracing kindness, practicing patience, teaching tolerance, encouraging laughter, celebrating diversity, showing compassion, turning from hatred, practicing forgiveness, peacefully resolving conflicts, communicating non-violently, choosing happiness and enjoying life.

Below I have noted a few web pages which I hope will be useful to look at as you get ready to leave for Paris.

Safe travel,

Go well,

I wish us all a wonderful conference.


News Release: GCGI Paris Conference


The 11th GCGI International Annual Conference: Final Programme


The 11th GCGI International Annual Conference: Speakers’ CV Summaries


GCGI Paris: Paper Summaries


Messages of Greeting to the The 11th GCGI International Annual Conference


Oxford Declaration


and finally, in the sincere hope of seeing you all at our GCGI 12th International Annual Conference, Oxford 2014


**Please also note the following:

How to get to 'Cité Universitaire' from Paris airports:​

1. From Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport, take RER B southbound to 'Cité Universitaire'

2. From Orly airport, take Orlyval to Antony then RER B northbound to 'Cité Universitaire''
From the Thalys-Gare du Nord (train station):
RER B, 'Cité Universitaire'

Bus: Line Orly-Bus, Jourdan-Tombe d'Issoire Line 28, 38 and 68, Porte d'Orléans Line 88, Parc Montsouris
Tramway: T3, Cité Universitaire
Underground: line 4, Porte d’Orléans
RER: B, Cité universitaire
Vélib station n°14015: Cité universitaire (15 boulevard Jourdan)

On arrival at 'Cité Universitaire' on Sunday 25 August:

12.00 Noon onwards: Arrival & registration at Cité universitaire internationale, “Maison Internationale", the main building when entering the campus, in front of the Metro (RER), at the entrance. After registration you will be accompanied to your “House” and room.