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‘Johnson and his cabinet didn’t prepare for the inevitable second wave’ and Rather than getting ahead of the virus, the

UK government has continually searched for a magic bullet that doesn’t exist.’-Photo: The Guardian

With COVID-19, we are all in it together. We are all suffering and we are all paying a very heavy and painful price. 

But things could have been not as bad as they are, only if we had a different socioeconomic model and a more caring, competent and worthy leadership.

The other day I read two very good articles discussing these issues: 

With a government this bad in charge of the UK during Covid, how do we respond?

England's crisis can't be blamed on the new Covid variant alone

‘How Do We Respond?’ in the caption above captured my attention and I set out to respond:

Below, I am pleased to share the fruits of my search with you:

Brits Be Aware: ‘The nation is paying a high price for a prime minister who puts blind loyalty before ability’

Given what is happening to our country, to us, and to our children and grandchildren’s future, I only wished that Boris Johnson had read what I had written to him when he was discharged from hospital with COVID infection. Only if he had read it:

Dear Mr. Johnson, your Covid-19 survival must become a force for good