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It is better to discover late than never. 

Yes, it is true Mr. Johnson, there are things in life such as society, community, love, kindness, compassion, caring, gratitude and more.

Life is not about money, money and more money, cost-cutting, outsourcing,  targets, bonuses, shareholders value, privatisation, deregulation, marketisation and such likes only, as your party via your neoliberal agenda has been telling us since the early 1980s. Life is far more complicated than what we think it is, as you have now discovered for yourself. This must never be forgotten.

As a human being, I am very happy that a fellow human being has survived the nasty coronavirus. A life saved is always better than a life lost and wasted. That is for sure. This must be understood in the context of the fact that I have always been amongst the fiercest critics of you and the Tory party’s socio-economic and many other policies, which have brought us all such a bitter harvest

All said, at the end of the day, I firmly believe that we must never forget what it means to be human. 

But for me, and more to the point, your survival is not the only miracle. What you said shortly afterwards is the lasting miracle, with a huge potential to change and transform our country and potentially the world. Let me explain a bit more, lest we forget the background to what was said.

I never thought I would live to see the day when a Thatcherite ideologue, would utter the words and project values such as Love, Kindness, Selflessness, Altruism, Gratitude, Community, Humanity, Humility, Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion, praising foreigners and immigrants, giving thanks to the public sector, which has always been under attack and undervalued, only to be privatised and sold off to the highest bidders as a sure tool of making loads of  money and profit for its shareholders, whilst ignoring the stakeholders, and then in the post- Brexit era, to be auctioned and bargained for a trade deal not with anybody, but Donald Trump, the antithesis par excellence to humanity and what it means to be human.

Furthermore, I am sure you must have noted further signs of his rising madness, now that he has also become a health expert on Coronavirus! 

If I am not mistaken, he recently announced that he knows all that needs to be known about medications needed to cure patients afflicted with this highly dangerous virus,  because years ago his uncle was a doctor! 

Anyhow, after his first suggested  cure of malaria tablets did not catch on, the other day he announced that injecting bleach is the answer!

Now my pertinent question to you Mr. Johnson is: Would you have liked it, if whilst you were at the ICU being treated by your loving doctors and nurses, they had injected you with all those lovely bleaches that are used to clean the hospital's toilets, the ones that Kill 99.9% of all germs!! And if they had, then, where would you have been now?

And moreover, please click HERE to read a bit more on the inhumanity of the US socioeconomic model that inflicts so much pain, fear, agony and injustice on a huge percentage of its own population. And lest we forget Mr. Johnson, this is a country that spends nearly £1,000,000,000,000 annually on its war budget, killing, assassinating, maiming, disabling, and injuring 100s of 1000s of people around the world on a regular basis.

To have sold off our national treasure, our cherished NHS to Trump, to my mind, would have been a crime against humanity. Somehow, I am hoping that this was not really what you were going to do.

Dear Mr. Johnson, there is no doubt that, in many people’s eyes, you must have had a miraculous recovery from coronavirus, when 10s of 1000s and more others have succumbed to it.   Near-death experiences are the most studied within different cultures, civilisations and faith traditions. Many of these stories relate the sensation of floating up and viewing the scene around one’s unconscious body; spending time in a beautiful, otherworldly realm; meeting spiritual beings (some call them angels) and a loving presence that some call God; encountering long-lost relatives or friends; recalling scenes from one’s life; feeling a sense of connectedness to all creation as well as a sense of overwhelming, transcendent love.

All in all, in short, given the above, you now must be a different man, a transformed human being. This for me, is a very important observation. You will see why, as I proceed further.

Dear prime minister now with your future actions you can prove, once and for all, that, yes, indeed, leopards can change their spots, and a man like you, can change his character and innate nature. Boris for the Common Good! How miraculous that can be! God must have saved you for something good!

Photo: Spirit Animal Totems

Therefore, now you can see where I am coming from, why I see your near-death and the subsequent survival as a miracle.

Now, my biggest hope is that this brush with mortality and the change of heart about the NHS, Britain’s greatest achievement, amongst others, will translate into a huge transformation of your government, by shouting, loudly and clearly, that from now on: Boris is For the Common Good! Boris Debunking the Myth of Special Relationship with Trump! Boris Admitting His Mischievous Acts of Wrongdoings and Wrong-Sayings about Europe. Boris Reversing Brexit. Boris Reversing Austerity. Boris Dumping Neoliberalism, Thatcherism in the Dustbin of History and Flushing them out with a good dose of Trump’s Bleach! AMEN!

Should my hope, somehow, become an agenda for change, then, here, as the Founder of the Globalisation for the Common Good Intitative (GCGI) I wish with humility and good wishes, suggest the following TEN STEP plan of Action:

Time for Reflection...Time to Take Steps in the Interest of the Common Good

Photo:EOCA's Spring 2020 Newsletter 

At a time of profound crises there must be an opportunity for new vision, new understanding and new thinking. There is a desperate need for new practical ways of relating in an increasingly interdependent global community: a time to re-introduce spirituality, ethics, civility, kindness, humanity and the common good into the debate on globalisation, economics, politics, business, education, international relation and much more.

Coronavirus and the New Tapestry of Life

Out of the coronavirus crisis, a new kinder and better world must be born

The time is now to rediscover our humanity and our solidarity

Ten Steps to a Better World and a Better Life

I wish you a restful and pleasant stay at Chequers as you continue to recover fully.

Yours sincerely,

Kamran Mofid