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The Enduring Beauty and Wisdom of Coventry Cathedral

This is Why Coventry Cathedral Has Inspired the World

After the devastation of World War Two, Coventry Cathedral, inspired by its visionary Provost, Richard Thomas HOWARD, did something remarkable – they sought forgiveness and reconciliation rather than revenge and more wars of destruction.

Looking at, and thinking deeply about all the wars, conflicts and bloodshed around the world, today or in the past, including what is happening currently in the Ukraine, Russia and the possibilities of its widening to engulf the rest of Europe and more, to my mind there is no other way, that even at times of war, we must find a way to be able to live together, side-by-side, creating a world of dialogue, understanding, mutual respect, building a world of peace and harmony for all. At the end of the day, we are all in this together.

Given this, I wish to share a couple of postings from our GCGI archive with you, a telling and timely reading, especially on a Sunday.

Over a century ago the world’s first major industrialised war ended with an armistice. Across the globe, whole societies were forever changed by the war and the peace process that followed.

Then, “On 14 November 1940 the Luftwaffe launched its most devastating bombing raid of the Second World War so far. The target was Coventry, a manufacturing city in the heart of England with a beautiful mediaeval centre.

As dawn broke over a ruined city, a horrific scene of destruction greeted the survivors. Homes and factories were flattened and many buildings were consumed by flames so intense, the city's sandstone brickwork glowed red. The air stank of burning flesh, and bodies, some mutilated beyond recognition, lay in the streets. Amid the broken walls and burning buildings, a 14-year-old girl was making her way to school.”…

In the midst of destruction, death and pain, one brave man stood out amongst the crowds forever showing the world how to unlock the door of peace after wars and destruction.

When better than today, on this Sunday, to rekindle our spirit of humanity by revoking the memory and wisdom of the Man of Peace: 

The very Reverend Richard Thomas HOWARD (12 June 1884– 1 November 1981), Provost, Coventry Cathedral, 1933 to 1958, the man who taught the world about the ugliness of war and the beauty of  peace, the destructive path of hatred and despair and the transformational power of love and hope. May we all be inspired by the healing message of Provost Howard.

Kamran (The boy from Iran who became a man in Coventry)