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‘When moral convulsions recede, the national consciousness is transformed. New norms and beliefs, new values for what is admired and disdained, arise. Power within institutions gets renegotiated. Shifts in the collective consciousness are no merry ride; they come amid fury and chaos, when the social order turns liquid and nobody has any idea where things will end. Afterward, people sit blinking, battered, and shocked: What kind of nation have we become?’...America Is Having a Moral Convulsion

This election, like the one before it, shows that the US is a broken country,

morally, ethically and spiritually

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Reflections on the Moral Convulsion of the US

1- A view from Canada, where most good Americans are dreaming to flee to:

(The election shows the United States is a broken country)- The Globe and Mail, Toronto

2- A selection of related views from the GCGI Archives:

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Is this the way to make America great again?

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3- A Reflection on another Election with a Different Outcome

Jacinda Ardern campaigns in Christchurch.- Photo: Kai Schwörer/

Getty Images Via The Guardian

Prime minister Ardern, has inspired love, kindness, empathy, trust and the common good

Ask yourself this question: Has any political leader in your country, ever, spoken about love, empathy, kindness,  trust and the common good? 

There you have it! That’s why your country IS NOT GREAT!

This is why every country needs a Jacinda Ardern to discover What it Means to be Human and Great


...And one final point, lest we forget again!

To My Mind,This is the Key Lesson from New Zealand on How to Build a Better World

Everywhere I look, in countries, like Britain, US, Australia, India,..., who all claim to be the lands of ‘democracy’, I see the tragic consequences of embracing populism, arrogance and exceptionalism. But not in New Zealand. Why?

For sure there must be multiple reasons, as noted in the analysis below. But, one reason, for me, stands out: New Zealand emphatically rejected the poisonous and dirty works of the Murdoch’s Empire of Destruction:

“A huge reason that our politics is not so extremely polarised and so far out there is because we no longer have Murdoch-owned press in New Zealand, and it’s never taken a foothold.”  

Murdoch's Mystery: Debunking the'Shadow State', The Empire of Corruption and Destruction 

 Our Rotten and Corrupted World: Murdoch’s Carnage and His Evil Empire

Elections based on Sowing the Seeds of Deceit and Destruction Will Never Result in Building a Good,

Kind, Just and Fair Country and Communities.


And this is my Ten Steps to a morally and spiritually sound economic system to build a better world

Come with me, let us enjoy togetherness, family, friends and community. Ours should not be a caravan of despair, but the flame of love and hope

Walk with the wanderers

Sing and dance with the worshipers

Proclaim the memory of those who have taken their leave

Wrap the despairing and the broken in the arms of love and community

And hold the hands of all of us who have broken our vows and call us back—again and again—to the covenant and work of justice, humility, and steadfast faithfulness.

For this we are here together today. So, my friends, come, yet again; come let us be together.