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Photo: Mental Health Today

I must admit, today, somehow, I was feeling a bit down, a bit anxious. Not my usual self, so to say.

By mid day, I had had enough, considering I had been up since 5.00am.

So, I decided to go to my bedroom and lay on my bed for a bit, trying to sort myself out.

I am lucky, I have a very nice view from my window. I began to gaze out, a most beautiful blue sky, brilliant sunshine, a majestic few hundred years old English oak tree right in front of me and a lovely greenery on the other side of the road. 

I began to relax, thinking about good things, giving thanks for all my blessings and gifts of life. I then turned the radio on:

It was Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2. Wow! What a surprise! They were all talking about feeling down, anxiousness, anxiety, fear,...during the lockdown!

He had a few experts on. Listeners were phoning too with their stories and suggestions.

You would not believe this, what a feeling I had, as if I was listening to myself on the radio!!

Do nothing. Take it easy. Enjoy Mother Nature. Read Poetry. Discovering the healing power of music. Reconnecting with life’s greatest gift. Changing your lifestyle, choosing a simpler life,...

All in all, this experience refreshed me. Brought a wide smile to my face. I came down and I thought I want to share this all with you too:

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