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One thing that COVID-19 has taught me is that:

‘The most precious thing in life is life itself’

‘Global coronavirus deaths pass 1m with no sign rate is slowing’-The Guardian, 29 September 2020


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It is now a few months since the COVID-19 Global Lockdown. Even though the total lockdown has now been eased a bit, but, nonetheless, it still feels the same isolation, confusion and loss. 

This Coronavirus, this state of affairs, has taught us a few things.


Some of these lessons are crystal clear—like, health/home/social care workers are fantastic frontline soldiers in this battle and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Second, the rest of the key-workers, paramedics, ambulance drivers, firemen and women, police officers, and other first-line workers like supermarket employees, delivery drivers, volunteers, and the many other essential workers who are keeping us going, in spite of  personal risk and hazards to themselves. 

However, as noted by many wise observers around the world, there is also something more profound that this pandemic and the subsequent lockdown is teaching us- The Meaning of Life!

‘The most precious thing in life is life itself’*

Human life is a work of art and is the highest expression of nature. This is measured by one thing: the human spirit. It takes years and lives of good deeds to be born as a human being into this world. But as the world grew, and times moved fast, somewhere down the line, we forgot the true meaning of our lives. 

Paradoxically, the all-consuming COVID-19, which is supposed to be a setback for the world, is working as a blessing in disguise. It has taught everybody in this world the true value of life, irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, gender or class. 

In a single move, it has shown the world the importance and significance of every single human life. The next step to this is that this very precious human life has to be protected by all means. 

And moreover, to further enhance the preciousness of this precious life, we can always help others to grow. 

Following the fundamentals of “Art of Selflessness and Giving” is the simplest way to reach the highest potential of one’s life.’

Happiness, compassion, kindness, love, peace, gratitude, giving thanks, are all part of life, and they are all the values which make us human. They must be shared freely and not hoarded, for that will interfere with the flow and the web of life. 

To be happy, to value life we have to know that we are part of the life force. A life devoid of balance would throw us off on a tangent, and we would go swinging away from the wheel of life. In order to help others achieve happiness and fulfillment, we have to learn how to achieve these and more ourselves first. That is the crux of a happy life!**

*The most precious thing in life is life itself

**What is the most important thing in life? 

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‘The most important thing in life is life itself’+

Life is to be in harmony with our life-sustaining system, Nature

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‘We strive so hard and so long to create our safety net, our comfort zone, competing with society, getting an education, climbing the corporate ladder, and chasing the quintessential element called money. We work and buy our way to a model of security, success and self-realization that is actually programmed into our heads by the material-based culture that keeps us fundamentally disconnected from the ultimate reality, Nature.

Besides our material needs which are never truly satisfied, we dedicate so much to satisfying our equally starving egos. We make our petty little personal life dramas seem so important. And how about our distractions, most of which have become the escape out from the increasingly overwhelming reality around us, or the evasion from the lack of fulfillment we silently acknowledge inside.

The fact is that all effort, struggle and achievement even, do in most cases nothing for the absolute bottom line, life. And I do not mean just your life but everybody else’s and everything else’s. I am referring to the totality of life, possibly the most precious phenomenon in the universe.

In this present day society most of us are confused, unsatisfied and continue to endanger ourselves and the very planet we inhabit just because our priorities are not set right. As simple as it may sound, making LIFE (its preservation, restoration, and enhancement) the number one priority will I believe, set our priorities right and lead us into the sustainable paradigm where we are destined to be in harmony with our life-sustaining system, Nature.’

+The most important thing in life is life itself

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