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An example of capitalism with no consience and no moral compass: The Case of the former MG Rover workers

A bit of background:

The "Phoenix Four" bought the business for £10 in 2000. They soon bankrupted the company. For this great achievement and personal scarifice, they then awarded themselves and the managing director a total of £42m. They condemned the workers to a life of abject poverty, whilst themselves running laughing all the way to the banks. They privatised all the benefits and socialised all the costs.

Is this what neo-liberal business and capitalism is all about?

Rover workers get £3 redundancy pay compensation after seven-year battle

Owners and MD pocketed £42m after buying Rover and when it collapsed set up a fund telling staff it will have 'millions' for them

“Former MG Rover workers are to be rewarded with compensation of just £3 each following a seven-year battle for redundancy payments in the wake of the collapse of Britain's last major carmaker"

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