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“When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming together it is the beginning of reality.”Helder Camara

Angel Oak Tree, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Photo: pinterest.com

July is the month of Larkspur & Water Lily,flowers of happiness, love, enlightenment,

resurrection, purity, beauty, creation and divine birth.

'Be in love with life and the living and the world will be a better place.'- Kamran Mofid

July is the first month in the Roman calendar to be named after a historical person, Julius Caesar. His reforms had a lasting effect on the Roman calendar, not least because he had an entire month named in his honour. July was originally called Quintilis, as it was the fifth month in the traditional Roman calendar. However, after Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, it was renamed iūlius in Caesar’s honour by the Roman Senate as it was the month of his birth.

The official birth flowers for July are larkspurs, signifying happiness and love. These popular ornamentals flaunt

tall flower spikes typically in shades of pink, white, and lavender. Photo: Petal Republic