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A Reflection on yet another Tory leadership circus

From hubris to nemesis: the Conservative Party and Britain in crisis

This place, our country, our home, is one of contrasts, uncertainty and flux, because of a relentless drive for money and power by the few.

In response, we, the people, the citizens, must rise up and hold power to account.

They all want to lead us. Where to, you may ask!!



The Lost Souls

‘We are the ones that no one gave a chance

We are the ones that almost lost it all

Ghost in the hallway who never catch a glance

We are the lost

We are the lost souls

Our hearts, our souls are shallow empty holes

We sing this anthem for us all’...ASKING ALEXANDRIA - The Lost Souls

Send in the Clowns:

‘The sight of Tory ministers jostling each other off stage as they stake their claims to be the next Prime Minister is a pretty sickening spectacle. These clowns are making a circus out of governing the country – but nobody is laughing. Despite their failings, they have the born-to-rule sense of entitlement that makes them think they are the only people who can manage Brexit, and the economic aftermath.

Having given Britain its worst decade of growth since World War II, half the Tory party want the hard Brexit that would wreck what is left of our manufacturing industries. Today Boris Johnson, the chief clown, arrives with a prescription that somehow setting Britain adrift in the world will lead to great riches.’...Tory clowns are no laughing matter

Read also what the mayor of Liverpool thinks about the Tory leadership candidates

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The Tory leadership battle is making Britain the kind of nation we used to laugh at

UK led towards no-deal Brexit by untruthful elite, says ex-EU envoy

TV debate brought home a terrifying truth: one of these men will be PM

We know that they are all clueless jokers. But, the pertinent question is: Why and How? Thus, please continue to read below.

Britain today and the Bankruptcy of Ideas, Vision and Values-less Education

“The charge sheet is this. The government is led by a clique of toffs who have neither respect for their colleagues, nor empathy with the average voter. Their born-to-rule mentality means they have a greatly over-inflated view of their own capabilities, which deafens their ears to the advice and warnings of others who might actually know better. They are nothing like as good at governing as they think they are. And this, the charge sheet concludes, is now inflicting serious harm on both the country and the Conservatives' future electoral prospects. This view is now becoming more and more prevalent in the media, too, even among the press that the Conservatives would normally count as their friends.”-Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer, 29 April 2012

First, Lest We Forget

Our Narcissistic and Egoistic Elites Undermining the Common Good

Narcissus by Caravaggio depicts Narcissus gazing at his own reflection.Photo:wikipedia.org

Like the ancient Greek myth of a beautiful youth Narcissus, who died through falling in love with his own image, today, our elites too, are in love with themselves, incapable of empathy, unable to relate to and totally unaware of other people’s needs, or even their existence…Selfish and individualistic, they are devoid of any humanity, altruism, kindness, compassion or a sense of justice. They show no remorse for their destructive actions. They destroy the common good and create a society based on fear, anxiety and hatred. ‘The re-modelling of the public organisations as ‘efficient’ (read flexible and dispensable) business units, the widespread privatisation of the Commons and the diminution of the value of the public good are just a few of the means by which this has been achieved.’

The crisis we face today is more serious than we think. It is perhaps the greatest crisis in modern history. It is not just about economics, politics, business, finance.... If it was only about these, then, perhaps, we could have mustered some hope to tackle them.

What we are facing is the bankruptcy of ideas of a governing class, drunk on their pomposity, arrogance, moral and spiritual blindness, and above all, their silly ‘Poshness’. Like a drunk, confused and separated from reality, they can't ask the right questions and therefore, not in a position to give the right answers.

What choice can we have? What would be the alternatives on offer? None, because there is none to begin with. Our nation is facing nothingness, emptiness. Hollowness and shallowness of ideas, vision and insight.  Just more of the same, the past recycled to represent the future. 

The front runner, Boris, is promising tax cuts for the super rich, as did his idle, Margaret, all those decades ago! Wow! So yesteryear, so unimaginative. Where has Boris been hiding? Thatcherism is now very much discredited; even the IMF- the once main cheerleader for neo-liberalism- has disowned and rubbished it.

Given the love of the posh boys for neoliberalism, tax cuts for the rich and cut backs for the poor, the nation they wish to lead, is facing an epidemic crisis in mental health, affecting all ages. Then, Boris can only come up with tax cuts for the super rich! This is not only shameful, inhumane and unjust, but, totally STUPID. (More on this below)

At the time of significant national crisis of ideas and trust, this bunch of posh boys and girls have given themselves the power and privilege to speak on behalf of the nation, on what is right or what is wrong. How low have we all sank to, when this bunch, crippled by their own uselessness and irrelevance, are fighting each other to be our next leader.

That is, until such a time, when, they too, will be betrayed and humiliated by their own cabinet, and are forced out of  the high office again, crying their eyes out, mumbling loving their country!! Recalling Margaret and Teresa's tearful departures!!

So, what has gone wrong? Why are we falling deeper and deeper in despair? Why are we allowing this comedy of errors every couple of years? Why are we not rising to claim our moral and spiritual compass, sending the clowns packing?

My answer is simple: Our education system by and large has failed us all, with hugely tragic consequences. When education is designed, controlled and implemented by narcissistic political and business elites, who have become prisoners of a reckless ideology-neoliberalism- drunk on market values and market forces, all morally and spiritually objectionable and  intellectually bankrupt, when education is not for the pursuit of wisdom, virtues and beauty, when students are called customers, and education becomes a commodity, when universities become service providers and centres of business, trading in “commodities” buying them cheap and selling them to the highest bidders, when teaching is not a vocation, when learning is not a sacrament, when education is all about the rankings and targets, when it all becomes about running low quality courses, with no heart, spirit and meaning, just to get ‘bums on seats’, taught by stressed, fatigued, overworked and not-valued faculty, when it is all about delivery at the lowest possible costs, and exam results are hugely inflated, to keep the customers happy and not complaining; then, we have opened the doors to the destruction of all that makes life good and worthwhile.

In due course, the consumerist citizens, now fully materialistic and not able to find the happiness that was promised them via consumption and shopping, they become fearful, insecure, hopeless, helpless, frustrated, angry and in despair. The popular culture, the social media become a pithy substitute for real life. Virtual friends, overtake the real friends and comradeship. Trivia and amusement supplant substance and meaning.  The citizen becomes sinister and complacent, easy prey, prone to acts of indifference, voting against their own self interest, allowing caricatures to lead them, making decisions for them, deflecting their attention from a much needed social critique; from questions of substance. Questions, like what it means to be a human? What is the purpose of this journey we call life? How can I lead a meaningful and worthwhile life?

All in all, the citizens then become the spitting image of the narcissistic leaders, and all is lost.

This, in a nutshell, is the tragedy of our time, and nothing, but a sea change, a moral and spiritual revolution in our education system, model and values, can bring the vital changes we need to reverse the bad with goodness, ugliness with beauty, to enable and empower us to build a better world, many of us are hoping and dreaming for. Carpe Diem!

So, what the solution might be: Very easy, I say, should we have the wisdom to see it:  Values-Led Education in Pursuit of Wisdom as if People Mattered

I Have a Dream

I have a dream that one day every school, college and university will become a place of Values-led Education to Enable us all to Expand our Circle of Compassion and Wisdom, to Empower us to take Action in the Interest of the Common Good to give rise to Hope, to Build a Better World, Valuing the entire web of life

If you, too, share this dream with me, then, please see the links below. Many gems out there, to discover, to enable and empower us to build a better world. Built by us, we, the people, we, the citizens. No need for the 'poshies'!

But, first, a note on the moral blindness of the Posh Boy and the ruining of Britain

Our Ruling Class

The Question is: Would you buy a second hand car from any one of these guys?

God help you, if you do!

Britain is run by a self-serving clique. That’s why it’s in crisis

I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is utterly unfit to be prime minister

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Dysfunctional & Delusional Governance: Posh Boys & Girls Ruining Britain

Second, a reflection on what the detached posh boys have done to us all. The deeply tragic  consequences of Austerity, Austerity and Austerity! What kind of vision is that, you may ask?

Lest We Forget:

Austerity is:


-Achieved wholly through spending cuts;

and above all, it is ideologically driven.

This is nothing, but a manifestation of a cruel and inhumane state.

Austerity is nothing but hitting and punishing the innocents, poor, weak and vulnerable for the crimes of the rich and powerful

Capitalism for the Poor and Socialism for the Rich!

Recession, Austerity, Mental, Emotional and Physical Illness

Please also see:

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A GCGI Initiative: Examining mental health issues around the world, with a special focus on children, youth, students, their teachers and lecturers.

This new GCGI Initiative is dedicated to the youth of the world, our children and grand- children, who are the unfolding story of the decades ahead. May they rise to the challenge of leading our troubled world, with hope and wisdom in the interest of the common good to a better future.

'A different world cannot be built by indifferent people.'

A country/nation drunk on market values, guided by cruel machinery of exploitation, racism, class division, austerity, cruelty, aggression, that humiliates it’s innocent, weak and vulnerable citizens, with neoliberalism, poverty, inequality and food banks and celebrates extreme individualism, feral competition, worship of mammon, rat-race to a success that it can never deliver and ignores the struggles and plight of its children and youth, ceases to be civilised and sooner or later ceases to exist morally or spiritually.

It’s All in The Mind: Focus on Mental Health

And now, finally, The Festival of Ideas: My Circle of Wisdom

This is  how the rest of us, those lucky ordinary, down-to-earth individuals, can create a better country, a better world, a better life: The Key is a Values-led Education as if People Mattered

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