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Healing Ourselves, Healing the World

Illustration by Siegmar Munk/VEER. Photo:library.noetic.org 

We just got back home from our daily swim and walk at the beautiful campus of Warwick University, in the green-belt area, just at the outskirts of coventry, close to our house, where we live.

Whilst walking, my wife and I started a beautiful and rewarding conversation, inspired by our recent participation at a most fruitful and inspiring conference at Todi, Umbria, Italy.

The recurring questions at Todi were, again and again: Who are we? Where have we come from ? Where are we going to? What is the purpose of this journey we call life? What it means to be human? 

Whilst walking under the beautiful blue sky, thinking and  reflecting on these pertinent questions, looking at all the beauty around us, listening to the birds morning chorus, somehow, we both began to say, why is it that with so much gifts given to us to lead a good, harmonious, worthwhile life, building a world of peace, justice, fairness and kindness, we have done the opposite. Building  a world of spiraling ecological, socio-political, technological, economic, health and wellbeing crises?

The answer, very simply, was that, to our mind it seems, we have lost the art of seeing/hearing beauty, which are there in abundance all around us, and thus, unable  to heal ourselves and our world.

We got back home. I had an email from a stranger via the contact form of the gcgi.info, thanking me for an article I had posted a while back on nature as our teacher, reminding him that the path to happiness, a better life lies in cultivating a consciousness of compassion and generosity and recognising that our own well-being depends on the well-being of everyone else on the planet, the whole web of life.

WOW! That email got me going! It took me back to our walk this morning, our Todi-Week before that, all those questions I noted above and more.

Yes, I said. The answers are all there, if we care to see them: Nature, our sacred earth, families, friends, music, arts, philosophy, wondering, pondering, like a child asking questions, enjoying the present moment with a beautiful smile, giving thanks, being grateful, forgiving and reconciling, good education, caring economy, trusting, enjoying life’s simple pleasures, imagining a better world with hope for better days, yet to come.

Friends, do you hear the voice which calls us together here today?  That voice which calls us to remember that we are not alone and that we are inextricably linked to all other life—woven into a vast tapestry of existence of which we are a powerful, integral, and holy part. 

And just as we have been called together here today, we act as the voice—the heart—the hands of another call:

Walk with the wanderers

Sing and dance with the worshipers

Proclaim the memory of those who have taken their leave

Wrap the despairing and the broken in the arms of love and community

And hold the hands of all of us who have broken our vows and call us back—again and again—to the covenant and work of justice, humility, and steadfast faithfulness.

For this we are here together today. So, my friends, come, yet again; come let us be together.

The links noted below are amongst my Blog postings which are there to provide ideas for inspirational stories for everyone, encouraging contemplation, soul searching and spiritual enrichment.

The Tree Of Wisdom. Old whimsical tree in the Wicklow forest, Ireland.

 Photograph by

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