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The Time is Now, as the Irish poet, Seamus Heaney, once reminded us, to “make hope and history rhyme”.

‘An ally of the light, not of the darkness.’ Illustration: Stephan Schmitz/Via The Guardian

This morning whilst reading some of the newspapers from across the world, I saw headlines after headlines asking some pertinent questions concerning the post-Trump America, questions such as:

Can Biden bring hope to America? Can Biden reunite and heal America? Can Biden heal and save Mother Nature? Can Biden bring justice to America? Can Biden succeed in economic rescue mission?...

To my mind, the answer to all these questions is YES, but, only, if Mr. Biden, once and for all, reverses the ill-founded, individualistic, selfish American socioeconomic model and system and takes action in the interest of the many and not the few; something that I somehow believe, he will. 

In the interest of time and precision, I suggest the following course of action:

1- To reverse the current destructive path we need a different education model and we need a different economic value and economy. However, these are not possible to achieve so long as  The Fraudulent Ideology reins supreme. Full stop. Carpe Diem!

2- There must be a fruitful dialogue with people on Why Love, Trust, Respect and Gratitude Trumps Economics

And I very much encourage the timeless readings of a Canadian legend, A Man Who Projected Light and Hope on to the World, very relevant to today’s global challenges. 

3- People must be informed about and encouraged to engage with all the beauty and wonders of America, so that never again the charlatans get a chance to plunder the gift of creation:

The Beautiful, Kind and Hopeful America vs The Ugly, Bigoted and Hopeless Trump’s America, and also allow nature to be our wisest teacher: ‘Open our minds and touch our hearts, so we may be attentive to Your gift of creation’

4- As I know well of Mr. Biden’s love for poetry, poems and poets, such as his favourite, Seamus Heaney, then, I very much hope that president Biden will make sure that poetry will become a force for good in school curriculums in the US: Poetry is the Education that Nourishes the Heart and Nurtures the Soul

5- Look to New Zealand if you want to build a better, kinder and more humane country. Everywhere I look, in countries, like Britain, Trump’s America, Australia, India,..., who all claim to be the lands of ‘democracy’, I see the tragic consequences of embracing populism, arrogance, exceptionalism, pseudo- nationalism, isolationism, and other social ills.. But not in New Zealand. Why?

For sure there must be a multiple of reasons, but, one reason, for me, stands out: New Zealand emphatically rejected the poisonous and dirty works of the Murdoch’s Empire of Destruction: Our Rotten and Corrupted World: Murdoch’s Carnage and His Evil Empire and This is why every country needs a Jacinda Ardern to discover What it Means to be Human and Great 

Therefore, as president Biden sets out to heal and make America a better place, it is vitally important to enact legislation to ensure the poisonous media mogul empires and other billionaires who backed Republicans who sought to reverse US election results will become accountable for their actions, so that they  will never ever succeed again  to fool and brainwash the masses: Murdoch's Journalists Love,  Support and Endorsement for Trump and Trumpism: A Lesson in History

6- All the above suggestions and more are encapsulated below: These are My Ten Steps to Make the World Great Again

Trump and his cronies are now gone and I send my warmest greetings and best wishes to president Biden

and vice-president Harris as they embark on the journey to heal and build a better America

'An outpouring of hope': Today the Angel of Democracy and Hope Fired the Evil of Inhumanity and Despair

Photo: NBC News