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BREXIT Broke My Heart: The Moment that the Milk of Human Kindness Went Sour and Lumpy

Illustration: Matt Kenyon via The Guardian

I am from Coventry, The City of Peace, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

Thus, how can I not be at a loss with and flabbergasted by Brexit?

'Healing the wounds of history, learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity,

and building a culture of peace and justice in the interest of the common good'

This is the Europe that Coventry Story encourages us to believe in

Eurosceptics should visit Coventry Cathedral: The EU's Higher Purpose


EU has always been a Peace Project First and Foremost

Having failed to encourage my fellow-citizens to vote to remain in the European Union in the referendum which had been my resolution for 2016, 2017, 2018 2019 and 2020, what could be easier than succeeding in making my country a better place?

EU Referendum: An Open Letter to British people - One man's view of Britain and the British 

BREXIT: When England Betrayed Churchill 

So, They Got Their Brexit Done! 

Throughout history Britain’s ruling class has created crisis after crisis – just like now

Watch and hear George Monbiot explaining the historical falsehood and lies behind the Brexit Project 

And thus, the Time is Now for my ‘64,000 QUESTION’: How Can We Leave This Gigantic Failure Behind and Restart a Better Future?

The Bedrock of our Hope in 2021 and beyond must be Values-led Education and Learning from our Wisest Teacher, Mother Nature

I need to do something after my defeat over Brexit. Thus, I am unleashing my inner edu/ and ecowarriors, so that tragic events such as Brexit are less likely in future.

 BREXIT: The Day Common Sense Died In England

Brexit: ‘An English tragedy, a self-inflicted wound, English, not British.’

...there is “absolutely nothing good about Brexit … which would never have happened had Conservative politicians not,

to a quite unprecedented degree, deceived and lied to their people”.

Britain 'taken over by gamblers, liars, clowns and their cheerleaders'

‘The charge sheet is this. The government is led by a clique of toffs who have neither respect for their colleagues, nor empathy with the average voter. Their born-to-rule mentality means they have a greatly over-inflated view of their own capabilities, which deafens their ears to the advice and warnings of others who might actually know better. They are nothing like as good at governing as they think they are. And this, the charge sheet concludes, is now inflicting serious harm on both the country and the Conservatives' future electoral prospects...’- Andrew Rawnsley

Our Narcissistic and Egoistic Elites Undermining the Common Good

There are, for sure, many reasons such as the inhumane neoliberalism/austerity, abject poverty and inequality, to name but a few, for the recent rises in populism, Brexit, and other undesirable similar things. But, for me, two reasons stand up above others:

1- The failure of education to be led by good, ethical, moral and spiritual values, and thus, it’s inability to be a path to wisdom.

2- Our failure to be connected with mother nature, to protect her and in turn be nourished and inspired by her.

To my mind, these two failures have given us a life devoid of any imagination, beauty and wisdom to see life’s bigger picture.  

These tragic failures are very costly and have major destructive consequences, where one easily becomes brainwashed,  separated from one's reality and humanity, and in turn becomes self- centered, selfish,  individualistic, arrogant, discarding of others, disliking cooperation and belonging to a wider community, believing in one’s self-importance and exceptionalism and thus choosing isolationism, burning bridges and building walls and barriers. 

In such a life, one becomes easy prey, a gullible individual to be exploited by the alchemist buffoons, dancing to their tunes and becoming totally subservient to their whims, cheats, lies and unrealistic promises.

Given the above, the fundamental and pertinent questions must surely be: How is it that the gullible masses, time and again, vote against their own self enlightened interest, and thus how can they be saved from their own self-destruction?

The answer is very easy to grasp if one is wise enough to know where to find it!

The First Step is to Find the Light, so that We Can Get Out of Darkness and Hopelessness of our own making.

That Light is EDUCATION, but not any EDUCATION and for sure not the  current ‘thingy’ masquerading as Education. 

The Second Step is to rediscover the Healing and Spiritual Powers of Nature and then allowing Mother Nature to become our trusted Friend and Teacher.

I will be devoting most of my time writing about these in 2021 and beyond. For now, I very much wish to share a few postings from our GCGI archive as examples of what I have in mind:

Britain today and the Bankruptcy of Ideas, Vision, Spirit and Values-less Education

At a time of profound crises there must be an opportunity for new vision, new understanding and new thinking. There is a desperate need for new practical ways of relating in an increasingly interdependent global community: a time to re-introduce spirituality, ethics, civility, kindness, humanity and the common good into the debate on globalisation, economics, politics, business, education, international relations and much more.

Surely the time is now to rise and challenge the falsehood and the inhumanity of the ideology that since the early 1980s has cheated and  humiliated us by monetising all aspects of our lives, and has stopped us from knowing what it means to be human:

But, the Challenge Is: How to Make Our Country a Better Place?

Replace the delusional and destructive neoliberal education with inspirational values-led Education

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Throw away the fake neoliberal ‘teachers’ and let nature to be our wisest Teacher

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Why should we all become mother nature and sacred earth guardians

To Heal the World and People We Need to Save the Commons from Plunder

And finally, I hope you will consider joining me, so that together we can  explore how we may make our country good and better.

Composing a New Life

Let us Come Together and Become the Voices of Hope


The Days to Come

‘Now shall I store my soul with silent beauty, 

     Beauty of drifting clouds and mountain heights, 

Beauty of sun-splashed hills and shadowed forests, 

     Beauty of dawn and dusk and star-swept nights. 

Now shall I fill my heart with quiet music, 

    Song of the wind across the pine-clad hill, 

Song of the rain and, fairer than all music, 

    Call of the thrush when twilight woods are still. 

So shall the days to come be filled with beauty, 

     Bright with the promise caught from eastern skies; 

So shall I see the stars when night is darkest, 

     Still hear the thrush’s song when music dies.’ 

~ Medora C. Addison, “The Days to Come,”

in Dreams and A Sword (Yale University Press, 1922).