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GCGI Celebrates and Sings the Praises of Poetry


‘Poetry is the key which unlocks the gates of wisdom’

‘Poetry, The Landscapes of the Soul, The Path to Serenity’

‘Poetry has a power to inspire change like no other art form’

A Poetic Pilgrimage to Wisdom

Ode to Poetry, Spirituality and the Natural World 

Mother Nature and Poetry Symbols of Light, Hope and Healing

A New Day Dawning...Let the Light in and Let the Healing Begin

World in Chaos and Despair: The Healing Power of Poetry

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Finding sanctuary in poetry during lockdown 

Reflecting on Life: My Childhood in Iran where the love of poetry was instilled in me 

Poetry is the Education that Nourishes the Heart and Nurtures the Soul

Lockdown lawyers finding solace in poetry to deliver justice in times of COVID-19

My Poem of the month (January) and our New Year’s Greetings 

My Poem of the month (February): Let Hope and Healing Begin to Brighten the Covid Darkness

My Poem of the month (March): Look with joy on what is past and Look with hope on what is yet to come

My Poem of the month (October): MORḠ-E SAḤAR (Bird of Dawn)

My Poem of the month (November): Reimagined Garden

My Poem of the month (December): The Emerging of a New Consciousness and Hopefulness

A timeless story: ‘The poet and the world’

On the 250th Birthday of William Wordsworth Let Nature be our Wisest Teacher

A Joy Forever: John Keats' poetry lives on 200 years after his death

Celebrating the joyous Spring with Hopkins and Wordsworth

The Last Persian Prince of Poetry: The Living Legacy of Malek o' Shoara Bahar

Wisdom of the East: Love and Wisdom of Sufism, Rumi and Hafez

Rumi and Saint Francis of Assisi: Sages for Today

In search of beauty, wisdom and love? Then, come, come, whoever you are come

Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings

The Conference of the Birds - Simurgh portrayed by Attar

COVID-19, isolation, reflection, fear, hope, beauty and wisdom: “Feathers of Fire”

Zoroastrianism the ancient religion of Persia that has shaped the world 

On the 1st Day of the New Year...A Poetic Pilgrimage to Wisdom

How to defeat hatred and fear: Don't Despair Walk On

'Lioness of Iran’: Simin Behbahani- RIP 


Another Beautiful Day of Celebration on 21 March


Norouz- The seeds of a New Day, Celebration of our Common Humanity